Few playback issues on my new Vero 4K+

Hi all,

Hopefully somebody can help me with a few issues on my new Vero 4K+ device.

1.: When I configure a static IP address my MySQL configuration is not loaded during startup. This means, every time I reboot the device I first need to set the IP config to DHCP → Reboot → reconfigure to static IP. Not a major issue because the device is not rebooting a lot, but I was wondering if there is an easy fix for this. (It seems the Vero is not waiting for network when static IP is configured, even with this setting turned on.

2.: Most 4K HDR content plays fine, except two movies (at this time) with these 2 movies the blacks are grey and colors overall seem to be washed out. I applied this hotfix: Video improvement details

But it didn’t change anything.

3.: When 1080p content is played, the screen is to large. I also noticed this in the UI but I’ve calibrated the screen to the correct size, unfortunately this calibration is not active when 1080p content is played. Issue is present when TV is set to 16:9 or original aspect ratio.

Info about my setup:

Vero 4K+ is connected to an LG OLED65B7 TV via an LG SK10Y soundbar. I’ve searched through the forum for a fix on these issues but couldn’t find an answer.

Thanks guys!

Please set the TV to Just Scan. For the other two issues, we will need some logs and more information


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Did you enable wait for network


yes, I’ve enabled “Wait for network”. Unfortunatly it seems that the MySQL config is loaded before network is active.

Sam, thanks! just scan fixed the 1080p playback issue.

Here is the media info of the problematic movie:
The only difference I can find between a working and non workinb Blu-ray rip is a different MKVMerge version is used. (V25.0 vs 28.2)

If you need the logs from kodi, please tell me what to do :slight_smile:

OK. This thing is getting weird.

I enabled debug & rebooted the Vero 4k+ and noticed the GUI was in 720p after reboot. when I played the problematic 4K HDR movie it was working fine?! colors where spot on!

So I turned of debug, rebooted again, Vero was in 1080p after this boot, played problematic movie, and yes, colors where back to beeing washed out & blacks are grey.

If tried this two times & everytime during debug enabled the Vero boots in 720p and the movie playes fine.

Anyway. you can find the log here, unfortunatly the movie played OK so I don’t know how usefull this will be:

The MySQL network issue however is pressent during this log capture.

Thanks guys!

Will look in to the network issue: maybe Wait for Network doesn’t work well for static configurations. Most users rely on DHCP. As a workaround for now – you could set a reservation in the router.

About the colours: I will post some more improvements today, which will likely fix your issues


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Hi Sam,

Ok Great. Unfortunatly a reservation won’t work. I’m using the ISP’s router (Telenet Belgium) and as far as I’m aware of it is not possible to set reservations in this device. It is not that big of an issue, as I said, the Vero will not be booted much.

Ok, looking forward to these improvements! Thanks!

Static ip works fine on Vero 4K, but NOT on Vero 4K+, it ignores the setting “wait for network” and you cannot disable this setting either.

Something wrong in “OSMC settings”?

After reboot, I change to another profile, then back to “master profile” and then it loads MySQL DB.

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Are they both on the same version?

Yes… my devices are always updated the same day/next day, at which you release a new version :blush:

When I received my Vero 4K+ this was the 1st thing I noticed while setting it up. I wanted to use a static IP but it would not connect to my DB on my Synology Server. Had to go back to using DCHP which although not what I wanted works. Would be great if I could use a static IP though. I’m on the latest version.

Great bit of kit though!

That doesn’t sound the same as OP’s issue. It sounds like you need to fix permissions on the NAS.


Sorry perhaps not clear. The Vero 4k+ seems to ignor the wait for network is set to static IP. Like others have said if I use another profile after reboot the SQL DB loads from the server. Permissions on the server all seem OK and work fine.

If I change 4K+ to use DCHP it waits for the network.

Yes, sounds exactly like what I’m experiencing.

When fixed iP is configured the Kodi log is filled with “ERROR: Unable to open database: MyVideos99 [2003](Can’t connect to MySQL server on …” events.

DCHP at startup works fine.

Reserve the IP address you want the Vero to use in your DHCP server, bound to the Vero NICs MAC, and set the Vero to DHCP.


Thanks for this tip Robert, unfortunately this is not possible in my situation (as mentioned in one of my previous comments)

Oops, don’t know how I missed that… Nevermind!


I will check this out.

Wait for network behaves differently with DHCP and static assignment.

With DHCP wait for network is not satisfied until the Ethernet Link is up and a DHCP request/renewal has successfully obtained an IP address.

With a Static IP configuration wait for network is satisfied as soon as the Ethernet link is up - because it already knows what IP address it should be using.

This is the way it is designed to work - it is designed to wait until the network interface is up and has an IP address. I don’t see why this would cause an issue with MySQL.

Where is the MySQL server located ? On the same device or across the network ?