Video improvement details



In the October update we released a number of video improvements re. HDR and 4K playback for Vero. We understand that some users have been experiencing issues with them.

Users that would like to revert these changes can do so in the following way:

Go to My OSMC -> Updates -> Manual Controls -> Apply Hotfix. Enter the following code and press OK:


After a few minutes, your system should be downgraded.



Kodi won't play video in some time after restart
Black screen
2160p gone with last update

Hi Sam, if you run this Hotfix is there a way to undo it?


When they find the root of the problem, either a new update or another hotfix will be published with it. Normally if you are having a problem, then there would really be no reason to remove the hotfix and to go back to the release with your problem.


You can update to the latest kernel again.
But you should only be downgrading if experiencing a problem.



Hi Sam, i am asking as i was wondering if it will help with the problem i am having here:


Tried hotfix and so far so good :slight_smile:


I also had to install the hotfix on my Vero4k+. Switching to 4k for playback resulted in no image at all.

Works fine with 4k HDR with the hotfix.

Display chain: Vero4k+ – Denon X6500 – Sony VW570

HDR Autoswitch causing issues on my LG OLED65C8

Hotfix fixed those blackouts and white flashing points issues on 4K HDR playback for me also (Panasonic Oled CZ950 display).


Just wanted to say that I had to apply this hotfix also. 4k movies were not working anymore. (Vero to marantz to lg oled)