HDR Autoswitch causing issues on my LG OLED65C8

You guys can try and see if reverting the CEC settings back to default brings the problem back if you don’t care for the settings I use.
It’s possible that everything might still work after reverting.
Personally, I prefer these settings because I have my screensaver set to 5 minutes and when it kicks in it shuts my TV and soundbar off.
That way if I forget to shut it down it will do so on it’s own and I don’t have to worry about burn in.
I was an early adopter to plasma and I left my TV on over night once when I passed out and it had my desktop displayed the whole time.
It took weeks before the image retention went away (it did ultimately, but it freaked me out).
This method gives me some peace of mind.
Also it’s convenient to start watching the Vero too.
I just hit the home button on my Vero remote and that brings it out of screensaver mode which turns my TV and soundbar on as well.
By all means though, adjust the settings to what works best for your use case.
I’m glad it has helped some people so far!

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FYI… My LG C8 just updated from 4.10.6 to 4.10.15 firmware and everything still works the same.
Not sure what the new firmware changed, I’ve only found reports that it corrected some HDR dimming issues.

Hi @sam_nazarko! I had previously downgraded my OSMC by following the instructions here: Video improvement details - #7 by obstler42

Today I was not thinking and upgraded OMSC to the december release and again my 4K content cannot play. I thought no worries, I’ll just downgrade again but you have removed the code to downgrade. Can you please help me out?

There’s no ‘code’ to downgrade.
You’ll need to reinstall from osmc.tv/download.



Sam, that’s quite unfortunate as you previously supplied the code which was easy enough to enter to downgrade or hotfix as you called it. Now I have to try and find a USB-stick? Been years since I last used one. Is there any way it could be done via ssh instead?

You can also use a micro SD card to reinstall OSMC.
It’s better to get this solved for you properly, so you aren’t stuck on an old version of OSMC forever.


I agree Sam that solving the root cause would be better, but I cannot see any updates to this thread and the update to latest version put me back in to problems playing 4K HDR content. I did find a stick to reinstall but it’s a pain having to setup NFS shares etc.

What would your suggestion be going forward?

You could have used MyOSMC backup function.

I did. It does not backup fstab or bluetooth pairing (Harmony remote) for example. It’s of course reconfigurable but annoying extra time spent.

edit: sorry it says backups fstab, but did not restore it properly for me.

Please post debug logs and list your equipment.

Hey, i am also having the issue on my lg oled B8 AND now also on my sony AF9. when starting a hdr movie its working sometimes, but often its showing me no signal, then the picture comes back, but again after a few seconds no signal. i am also experiencing white flashing dots.

after setting the cec settings like you recommended it worked. but thats only a workaround for me as my tv turns off after a few seconds, when i am watching live tv on my dvr.

any chance that this is getting solved?

what about the rollback to a earlier version WITHOUT installing osmc again, until this is fixed?


Which earlier version worked without these issues?

i’ve read this thread here and the other one regarding this topic and a lot users told that its was working with the version before oct '18 and it worked again when downgrading to this version.
and for me it worked a few weegs ago (but i did not check which version of osmc was installed)

and with the october update it was possible to apply a hotfix through the gui which (regarding some users here) helped also, but the hotfix is not working anymore.

i mean this thread here:

Try changing the HDMI cable.

yes i’ve read this thread here and already tried this suggestion. i tried three different cables… is there any special spezification that is important for that? all hdmi cables are hmdi 2.0. is there a cable that is working 100%?

but as i said, its working with the hdmi cable when i am using the cec settings provided and from time to time often after a fresh kodi restart its working (with the same cable)

Are you connected directly to the TV?
We have mainly ironed out the previous issues; so we don’t recommend downgrading and staying on an old version.

Could you post a debug log via My OSMC when you experience an issue so we can see more details?



no, i am connected to a av receiver (denon x3500). but hdr is working from another device so i am sure there is no problem with the conenction from av receiver to tv…
i will post some logs later, i am at work now

but it was working some weeks ago, perfectly so it needs to have something todo with the sofware, or not?

Have you tested from the same input on the AVR that works with the other device?

Hello again,
i’ve tested now with the other input from the avr with another hdmi cable and it is working there. so it seems a problem with either the cable or the input. thx for your help and support!

You should check the AVR settings confirm it is configured to support hdr on that input.