Getting errors when automatic update OSMC


Had this problem since i updated OSMC to newest version.
Always had OSMC automatic update itself, now it downloads the updates, then a screen showing
Error installing:

Please report this to the OSMC forum.

Nothing else
Usually it updates when I update manually
Oh, I use Raspberry Pi 2, and as said in the begining the latest version. Dont know the build name though.

Fix is inbound.

Latest version has the fix for this issue.

Manual update to get it now and from then on Automatic Updates wont show that error.

I have to notice that I had also several problem with automatic updates.
I had some issues during Alpha SW updates & the last one were as soon as few days ago for the last update. My RPi 2 went from RC3 to released version.
After that I encountered frozen screens (especially in “My OSMC” menu) & issues on reading videos (black screen or no action at all - clicking on a movie but nothing happened…)
Yesterday I re-installed from scrap my SW & everything is fine.