HDMI-CEC Not Working

I was under the impression that Vero supported HDMI-CEC, but when I set my Samsung TV to scan for new devices, it does not see the Vero. it sees my ChromeCast just fine, but not the Vero. I am using the HDMI cable that came with the Vero. Am I missing a setting on the Vero? Any ideas?

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Known problem

Thanks! I guess we’ll just have to wait until a fix is ready.

Seems like there is a fix, just wonder why it’s not public. https://discourse.osmc.tv/t/vero-performance/2415/38?u=thansen_dk

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Working for me now after last update!

Unfortunately, not on mine. Samsung TV sees my Chromecast but not my Vero. Vero updated yesterday, but I can’t tell what version I have. It still says the build from March 19. Is there another place to see what version of the software I have?

Just scan for updates again. My OSMC > Updates > Manual Controls

OK, I’ve updated again and now have the Apr 12 build installed, but still no HDMI CEC. is there some setting to turn it on or add-in I need? When I refresh the Samsung Anynet devices, all it sees is the Chromecast dongle I have plugged in to another HDMI port, and not the Vero.

Try changing HDMI cable because there are problems with the one that is shipped.

I do have another cable, but cannot attest to it being “known good” as far as CEC is concerned.

Has anyone gotten CEC to work using the cable shipped with Vero?

OK, just swapped out the HDMI cable with another I had lying around. Had no idea if the new cable worked with CEC or not. Hot-swapped the cable to the same input on my Samsung TV, powered up the TV and wham, Anynet recognized and listed Kodi without any further action – no need to refresh.

The only Samsung remote functions that seem to work, however, are Play, Pause, Stop, Fast Forward and Rewind once a video is playing. The arrow and select (OK) buttons on the Samsung remote don’t do anything as far as I can see. Should I be seeing any additional functionality with CEC?

Update: After permanently swapping the cables (which caused me to power down the Vero), I now seem to have much more functionality through the Samsung remote, including the full navigation arrow keys and OK/Select key, as well as several Kodi options in the Tools menu. Much nicer now! But had to relocate the Vero in my cabinet as the new cable is only about 1.5 meters as opposed to the Vero-supplied cable, which was about 2 meters.

+1 on swapping the hdmi cable. For me the Pi worked perfectly with HDMI SEC on my philips TV.
I connected the Vero with the shipped cable, but that cable did not support CEC as it seems.

Solved :smile:

I had the same problem with my Sony KDL TV, but with the new RC2 OSMC update, the CEC started working (as it was before with my RPi).
I did not use the hdmi cable that was shipped with the Vero.