HDR Autoswitch causing issues on my LG OLED65C8

Yes, there will be updates to get around this problem with newer LGs since we don’t know when/whether there will be an update by LG to fix it.

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Response I got after some few emails with LG.

In response to this, I am pleased to inform you that I have filed the feedback that you have with the unit and it will be forwarded to the appropriate department. The review process for this will take some time and you may not receive a response immediately. Thank you for providing us your feedback on this matter.

Does it mean you identified the issue in handshake? Is there any information that could help LG identify issue on their side? I provided link to this thread in support ticket.

No. It just seems we can’t get LGs to recognise a 4k,60Hz,10bit signal with YUV420. The workaround will be to send YUV422 instead but until recently both Kodi and the kernel have not supported 422 at 4k60Hz. Hence all these test builds so that LG owners can test it. No-one on the OSMC development team has a recent LG screen.

Hi! Tried to read all posts before replying but there seems to be quit a lot of different problems going on and not only for the LG OLED65C8. It looks as though there is a fix coming which is great. I just wanted to confirm that applying the hotfix as stated in Video improvement details - #7 by obstler42 does work fine for me on my LG OLED65C8 with the HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Colour setting on in the TV. Kodi is set to 1080p in the gui and autoswitches to 4K HDR. I am not sure what it is that I am missing by running the hotfix? Lesser picture quality without me knowing? Anyways, hope this helps others on the same TV and do let me know if you need specific testing with this TV.

If I’m right, you are seeing 4k60Hz material in 8 bits only. Try The World in HDR with adjust refresh rate at start/stop and look for banding in the skies.

Everything plays for me now after changing some CEC settings.
I set it up so the screensaver shuts down my TV and any input from the Vero remote turns it back on.
Now if I hit any button on my Vero remote, my TV turns on and my sound bar and sub.
My Vero goes straight to my sound bar which then goes to the TV (ARC), sub is coax from sound bar.
That was something something I was playing with because my HDMI input would automatically change when trying to play 4K files (they moved my posts to a different thread I believe).
So I fixed the CEC issue and in turn it solved my 4K HDR issue as well some how.
Not sure why this is, especially because before I had my Vero plugged directly into one of the TV’s non-ARC HDMI inputs when I was testing things.
Go figure.
Just thought I’d put my experience out there as it might help some others.

I agree that ARC/CEC is annoying and I always avoided it before and just used optical, but now with DTS-HD MA and Dolby TrueHD using the HDMI is necessary because of the limitations of optical.

Hmm, I think on my side things got worse when I used optical from TV. I had higher success rate when I connected my receiver with ARC. I can test Optical from Vero only.

How about others experiencing the issue? How is your setup (ARC/Toslink from TV/Toslink from Vero/HDMI Vero->receiver->TV)

It’s Audio forwarding in TV causing it! Once I disconnected hdmi Arc and used TV speakers instead, I was not able to repro the issue!

The issue in my case happens only if HDMI ARC or Optical is used.

Audio stream info from video that did problem (I was testing ‘Samsung: Travel With My Pet’, ‘Sony: Swordsmith’ and ‘Life Untouched’ from https://4kmedia.org )

AAC, FL,FR, aac, 32bits, 48,000 Hz

I tested The World In HDR and found no banding in the sky above the skateboarder on my LG C8.
If I play it on my laptop (which is old) I see the banding that you have referred to.

Can confirm, that all tested files are working fine for me on my 55C8 with latest kernel (dont forget to turn off auto refresh rate!).
Vero is connected directly to the TV with it’s own HDMI Cable. Audio output is via ARC to Yamaha YAS-107 Soundbar, working fine as well :slight_smile:

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But if you turn off auto refresh rate, doesn’t the vero4k Outputs the wrong FPS and doesn’t adapt to the real FPS of the video file?
So you get little stuttering when watching a movie with original 24p with 60 FPS output and the TV tries to smothen it with its “motion-vodoo”?

Yeah, if you disable autorefresh rate, it will not switch resolution/refresh rate. So you want to keep it enabled (shuttering, wrong resolution with 4k movies/slow ui if you set 4k GUI…)

Ok, so my friend called me that he has problems with playing 4k movies too. 4k LG OLED C8 65", latest firmware, Vero 4k + with October update, Vero HDMI Cable, using built-in speakers, HDMI Ultra HD enabled :(. I hope LG will get this fixed soon.

Honestly, I don’t know what you mean? UI is on 1920x1080p. With Auto Refresh Rate switched off, the resolution still turns to 4k when playing a file, HDR is switched on (the logo can be seen in the top right corner of the TV), and 60fps also work (in my opinion), without jerking (TruMotion is set to User 3/10).
With Auto Refresh Rate switched on my LG doesn’t get a signal anymore…

Ah. From what I saw was that resolution did not switch. When playing 4k and setting ui to 1080p, the movie was 1080p too. Maybe I’m wrong, but this is what I saw.

Yeah if you have auto refresh rate turned off and the GUI set to 1080, when you play a 4k file it will output in 1080. You can check this by using the TV remote to click in the top left corner of the screen and then clicking where it comes up with ‘HDMI 1’ (or whatever input you have it on).

My TV set is a LG OLED65C7

I’ve just started to test this box and one issue I’ve realized is that the images seems a bit in the dark side. Clearly darker than they should. In 1080p and 4K HDR with the October firmware/update version.

I’ve done some comparison with my HTPC and the internal TV player. Obviously the same settings, black level, gamma, contrast, bright, etc…

At this moment I’ve got to solve the issue just increasing the bright in the Vero from 50% to 51%. Not sure why but it seems that at 50% it’s like some luminance “bit” is lost so forcing a non-default brightness just fix it. But, honestly, a bit lost and just guessing.

Last week was C8 firmware updated and subjectively I think it’s failing to play HDR more often. @sam_nazarko, is there a ETA for November/December Vero Update?

I’ll release an update shortly which should keep everyone’s devices working well over Christmas.

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