HDR Autoswitch causing issues on my LG OLED65C8


I think that’s because of Kodi, the fix for which will be out shortly.


Hi jmccrack. Can you try it with the Vero direct into the TV? Also how long is your HDMI cable?

Also I get this problem with any type of 4k file, HDR or not.


Today I played with Audio settings and it seems like all 4k videos were broken when I configured Optical audio on my LG C8 as output. When HDMI ARC was used, all was fine. Strange…


I re-tested tonight. I did have issues when I connected directly to TV instead of through AVR. The “World in HDR” video only worked 50% of the time.

I tested again through me receiver and noticed it was feeding 420 10 bit to the TV. Likely why it works for me.

My cable is 6’


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Updated to latest release and there seems to be a definite improvement. Still have to stop and start some files a few times before they will work but nothing like as bad as it was before.


What release are you on?


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131 I think? The latest dev release


I spent 3 hours troubleshooting handshake issues with a client’s 75" and a 65" LG TV yesterday.
The 75" is attached to an Oppo UHD Blu-ray via a Denon AVR, the 65" is attached directly to a Panasonic UHD Blu-ray.
Both Blu-ray players have settings to change the output resolution, refresh rate (basic 24p on or off) and chroma subsampling (420, 422 & 444), the Oppo will also allow certain changes in how it deals with or passes HDR.
After 3 hours of testing pretty much every combination under the sun (with & without the LG Ultra HD Deep Colour setting on the HDMI input) I can safely say it is complete pot luck whether or not you get a picture on the LGs.


Do you know is LG aware of this ? Are they working on a Fix ? I have been arguing with myself about a Oled purchese and mostly deciding between Sony and LG and considering Panasonic ( but I heard their OS is horrible).

If I believe reddit than LG has better picture quality then sony and panasonic. Can you confirm that? Wich 65-75" would you recommend rite now for a home cinema setup where the primary focus is Picture quality while watching 4k Netflix and Blu-ray and UHD in file format or from disc ?


I submitted this problem here https://www.lg.com/us/support/ . You can try it too to increase our chances :). If I’ll ever get a response, I’ll let you know. I think C8 has best picture compared to others. see https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/lg/c8


I have no idea if LG are aware but based on the handshake issues I’ve experienced, as well as the almost constant firmware updates I would personally avoid.
We don’t install a lot of TVs (mainly projection, home automation etc) so I don’t have much experience of OLEDs. We have been putting in Samsung Q9FNs a lot recently.
Based on personal experience and talking to other installers and video distribution manufacturers I would say:

LG - avoid like the plague
Samsung - Very few problems at all
Panasonic - Very few problems at all
Sony - Avoid the entry level TVs, the OS runs like a dog. The premium screens are stunning.

We NEVER get involved with the OS on any TV other than setting it up. Streaming is done externally via Apple TV or Roku, day to day TV will always be an external box such as Sky Q, BT YouView (awful) or Virgin.
Other rules of thumb - NEVER use ARC, NEVER use CEC :slight_smile:




What on earth did LG change in the 8-series OLEDs that worked fine in the 7-series? My C7 hasn’t given me even a hint of a dropout or issue with picture. Just so odd.

I could never go back to LCD after having OLED, so I’m concerned about if I ever upgrade to e.g. the 9-series. LG better get its act together.


I have only had one firmware update in the few weeks I have had the TV, but I know there have been a few recently regarding dimming issues. On owners threads on AV forums I have not seen anyone reporting these issues with Blu-ray players or Apple TV etc which I would expect as people complain about everything on there.

This is probably true but not much use for those of us with AVRs/soundbars that do not pass a 4k signal!


Just want to add my lg experience, it is a late 2015 oled.

Never did that much with 4k HDR till now (just played arround with it a bit).

Im on the latest firmware and now tried a few movies again after all the posted issues.

4K24hz 4:4:4 HDR10(most ripped movies) had a lod of problems with snow in the signal or complete dropouts but i could fix this with a shorter and much “bigger” hdmi Cable. Im not sure if it is the one that shipped with the vero but it is working now.

60/50fps content plays fine as well and output switches to 4:2:0 HDR10 (according to the vero). For some reason i cant switch to 422 anymore even tho im pretty sure this was available in the past.

disp_cap shows only:

and im sure it had 422 mode in the past.

Deep Color is enabled but forcing 422 doesnt seem to work. I have 4 additional disp modes with Deep Color:

I doubt i would see the difference between 420 and 422 but still wondering why its gone.


It should only have ‘gone’ from 4k60Hz. Actually it has never been there at that framerate. Currently, Kodi won’t let you play anything at 4k60hz,422 but there’s a fix for that coming for those having problems with 4k60hz,420.

And thanks for the feedback!


Ah ok i was sure it was a disp_cap mode in the past (2160p50hz422, 2160p60hz422) but i can be wrong :slight_smile: As the system is working great i wont be downgrading just to check :wink:

Anyway it is currently working great for me much better than in the past and 4k24hz content works fine with no issues (banding, etc). The only 60fps content i have are some HDR demo material and this work fine at 420 as well.


Hi there,

Ist there an official Update for the vero 4k coming soon to fix this Problem?
I have also a LG 65C8 with the No signal Problem and i am Just an ordinary consumer.