Horrible skin in osmc 17

Hallo !

I was using OSMC for half year. But now I will change system, because skins for osmc version 17 are horrible. Confluence was the best skin for osmc. I tried to install manually skin confluence, but after restart sometimes change my settings.



Sorry. Good luck.


You can still install Confluence from the repository. We are aware that some skin setting changes are not persistent and will address this in a near future update if we are able to reliably reproduce the problem.

Also make sure your system is fully up to date.

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perhaps try " to be polite " (not sure for the translation)
and perhaps try do to something yourself for the community.
PS: With users like you open source projects has no future


I understand that some system need to be upgrade. But I am “administrator” on 5 RPi3 boxes. I can not explaine every day for my costumers what is wrong.


So while you make money off of OSMC, we do not… Don’t worry about contributing to the greater good here… just move along…


I will investigate the problem. If I can reproduce it I hope to fix it in the next update.

The issue is that we end up having to provide the support because the ‘seller’ hasn’t configured the updates properly.

As an administrator it’s best practise to not upgrade until you know what’s what.

Even have sampling one device before you all in one is a good idea.

You’re a very rude person who should have used search, should have tested, should have used manners, and should apologise to the team.

As for selling products you are not able to support correctly, that’s your mistake and you should reconsider your business model and align it to your level of technical skill.

Suggest you at minimum disable updates on all releases you sell in future.


To be administrator is not my job. I am working with computers from 1982 and I always if something program testet for some time. From begining always when i upgrade osmc after each upgrade only go to worst and worst. Sorry.

I don not have time after each upgrade do clean instalation.

It will be nice to write before each upgrade which problem was solved.

Thank you.

A full changelog of every update is made available on the blog.

Thank you for your interest in our commercial support options. We offer this for many companies including hotels and offer full remote management including rollback support.


When I found osmc for the first time i was very happy. But is not possible after each upgrade solved some general problems. sorry.

It is time to change system.

OK – good luck.

Without logs or any debug information, we can’t help you. I suspect you have some problem with your hardware or setup, because it is very rare for updates to introduce regressions and they are thoroughly tested before publication.

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Well, this is a typical example of: I want it all and do not want to read before I apply the upgrades.
Me too I have 5 Devices at home, and 4 Girls at home. Trust me, these are the worst “customes” you can have.
As soon as something does not run as “expected”, you get figuratively lynched by the family :smiley:

Thing is however, if you really deal with that since 1982, you should know there is a “Netiquette” out on the net, especially on things to say and what not to say, and if you absolutely have to say something anyway, do it the right way.

Good luck in your new endeavour, and may our paths don’t cross again. (This, from a user who tries to figure out why something does not work).


I don’'t want to do any problems for people from team,. From yestearday i installed libreelec and works perfectlly.

Hi, would it be possible for someone to direct me to another thread where this issue is being discussed please? It was mentioned that there were other posts regarding this issue but sadly I haven’t been able to find one that mirrors my own issue as well as this one, but the conversation looks to have gotten a bit bent out of shape here.

For what it’s worth when I enable Confluence and restart my Pi3 I find that my custom background image has been removed, recently added videos/albums are re-enabled and the first use message appears when using the left side nav menu.

Would be interested in helping troubleshoot some more if I can.

I assume you refer to loosing your skin settings

Thank you! Will have a trawl through that and see if I get anywhere.

It will be fixed by the weekend :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks for the hard work. Now I just need to work out how to get visualisations back in Krypton.