How to change Color of the Video Player bar?


Is it possible to change the Color auf the Video Player bar? Its way to blue…


This depends on the skin you use. Which skin are you using?

There is a relatively complex method I can talk you through for the OSMC skin on Krypton - if you’re really interested. However, the ability to adjust the color of the OSD and other overlays is a proposed feature of the upcoming skin update.

For other skins, you’ll need to talk to the relevant skinner.

Thx. Upcoming Skin updates comes with the next update? How complex is it to change it before?

I don’t know if the skin update will come with the next OSMC update, but it’s not far away either way.

How complex you would find it to change the colour before the update will vary on your skill level with Kodi. It means making two new menu items through the skins menu customiser, both with custom actions.

The first installs the color picker script to let you pick a new color through the GUI. The custom action is InstallAddon(

The second calls the color picker script to actually pick a color. The custom action is RunScript(,skinstring=color.overlay).

The first menu item won’t do anything at all when clicked if the color picker script is already installed. Both can be deleted once you’ve picked a color you like.

Wow! It worked! Thx a lot. Next Question: how can i change the background to a custom one?

Please, use search buton…

How can I Access that dir? Tried it with Samba. Cant find it. Thx

It’s all covered in the Wiki, please use search…

Im not sure what to do with the command line here. Never used it before. Man, i just want to change the background pics. Tried to connect via ssh with filezilla. Same Result as with Samba. I cant find the path where the pics are stored. Could you please give me detailed instructions instead of suggesting the Search function. Because im searching all morning. Thank you very much.

I wrote you the path:

If you have problems with connecting, then at least write down the errors you are getting.
Did you install FTP server form MyOSMC Store?

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I can connect, no problem. But I found the problem. FileZilla opens /home by default and /usr is somehow hidden. Works now. Thx.
But now I have the next question :wink:
Is it somehow possible to change the blue color gradient on the right to a different color?

look at post #4

That is already difficult to do, and will be harder after the next skin update.

You would need to change the color of /media/Background.png - I’d suggest using a tool in your image editor like ‘colorise’ rather than adding a new gradient as it’s a very complex (‘halftone’) image.

After the next skin update, all the files in /media/ will be compressed into a single file called Textures.xbt. It’s not impossible you can save your version on Background.png alongside it, but more likely you’d need to download all the textures for the skin and compile a new version of the Textures.xbt file with the texture packer tool.

Awesome!!! Worked!! I love osmc and great service here! You guys are helping me a lot!
What’s the overlay color for in /colors/default.xml?

That’s the default blue color used on context menu/osd/volume and so on.

But with the color picker add on you descripted earlier this value gets overridden?



Do i still need to do the adjustment on the background.png manually for a different gradient color and pack into the texture file or is there a more convenient way? i saw in the media dir the file background-custom.png, is there a way to adjust the gradient color of the overlay via the gui now. Like in a similar way as the color picker?
Thank u very much

See this thread here - How to replace background - for details, but essentially yes, the option has been added on git to change the background overlay color via the color picker.