How to Install RetroPie with osmc and PI 4

Hi everyone, I found these posts about how RetroPie with osmc and PI :

none of these posts are specific to Raspberry Pi 4 and Osmc. I tried them and none worked. What I would like to do is use osmc and add RetroPie emulator games on omc KODi to menu. This is possible? Could anyone give me information on how to do this?

Thank you

retrOSMCmk2 is intended to provide that. But it does not support RPi4 per se as I don’t own one to test. Although I gather it works to some extent.
What issue did you experience?

Hi, I managed to install it and it seems to work. Now I only have a problem with the wHifiBerry DAC sound card which only works with the TV off but I don’t think it’s a retropie problem.