[How to] Make periodic backups of whole OSMC system

Please try version 0.1.7 where I have added some tweaks which may avoid these errors.

Ok 0.1.7 works great except for one small thing, it is not removing the /media/backup directory when it finishes.

It seems it is not unmounting and rmdir the /media/backup directory. No errors in the log file though :confused:

Did you ask it to? I didn’t make any changes myself to allow for a setup like yours.

Well, that’d explain it! :innocent:

Thanks! That sorted it and the backup now boots.
Great stuff!

this is a great script. im try to use today and i have a little problem
I git it and OK
i mount a NFS unit and OK
but when i run the script a lot of files give me this error:
failed:Operation not permitted (1)

any idea?
thanks a lot

Can you pastebin the output containing the errors?

Just saying thanks for providing this great resource. Installed on my Raspberry Pi3, up and running no issues.

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Can do, while it would be interesting for the threat to might precise the instructions :wink: