[How to] Make periodic backups of whole OSMC system

Please try version 0.1.7 where I have added some tweaks which may avoid these errors.

Ok 0.1.7 works great except for one small thing, it is not removing the /media/backup directory when it finishes.

It seems it is not unmounting and rmdir the /media/backup directory. No errors in the log file though :confused:

Did you ask it to? I didn’t make any changes myself to allow for a setup like yours.

Well, that’d explain it! :innocent:

Thanks! That sorted it and the backup now boots.
Great stuff!

this is a great script. im try to use today and i have a little problem
I git it and OK
i mount a NFS unit and OK
but when i run the script a lot of files give me this error:
failed:Operation not permitted (1)

any idea?
thanks a lot

Can you pastebin the output containing the errors?

Just saying thanks for providing this great resource. Installed on my Raspberry Pi3, up and running no issues.

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Can do, while it would be interesting for the threat to might precise the instructions :wink:

Hi, will this script work backing up the whole OSMC for Vero V?

I wish there was something like timeshift or clonezilla


Yes. It backs up my daily driver every night. I’ve only had to restore a system to vero once in years (actually to clone a system to a new box). Vero 4k and V are far more reliable than the RPi that I originally wrote this for.

I know @sam_nazarko has some ideas for making restoring a backup image simpler.

Yes, but it will be a while before I get around to that and be specific to Vero.

Hey guys :slight_smile:

Next topic for my new Vero V: creating full backups :wink:

Is that finally possible? Back on my RPi4 I used to back up the mSD once a month, so I had a full backup I can simply restore in any case.
Using the integrated backup routine only exports the custom settings along with the Movie/TV/EPG databases, doesnt it? Thats not all data that is needed for me, as I am also running other software and stuff on the RPi (like raspotify, FHEM, etc etc).
So for getting a complete backup of the system itself would be very appreciated. Also a possibility to do a restore, if I really need to do so.

With that integrated eMMC I guess it is not possible to pull it out and clone it for backup and restore? Is there another solution to create such a backup and how would the restore work in that case?

I still have some ideas for how to approach a block level backup where we could backup the critical partitions and allow a restore.

It’s been possible since I wrote this script 7 years ago. And it works with Vero V. The only thing I’m not sure about is a full restore since I haven’t tried that for ages. I use the backups mainly for finding individual files that got lost if I re-image a vero.

Hm ok, just used the script, so it does create a dump, yeah, as file recovery ok.
But it would also be noice to restore the complete system with it ;D

Do you plan to do a restore test with a Vero as well in the near future? ;D

I’ll try to find time and a spare box to check it out using the latest install kernel. One thing which may be needed for Vero V is to backup/restore the tee partition. It stores files which are unique to the device, but my restore script doesn’t support that yet.

If you just don’t touch that partition that is also fine.

Ok :slight_smile:
What would be your suggested backup and restore procedure then?

With grahams script I can create the “full backup”, when I want to restore, at least osmc, can I just copy over the complete .kodi folder to the fresh install to get everything back running just like before or does this break osmc/kodi? Doing it like that I would expect that I wont need to reinstall and configure all addons, re-scrape databases etc or is this wrong?

And just for completness: if my installation breaks, how would I reinstall the Vero from scratch? :kissing_heart: