How to set up nas for using with transmission

hi guys how do I set up a nas so I can use to setup transmission have tried to follow a few guides but to no luck followed this guide is for sale | HugeDomains has anyone had any joy in doing this thanks

Looks to me like Transmission is going to end up in the App Store, not Deluge.

You might just want to wait until I get it in


ok thanks sam think ill wait :smile:

Are you looking for help mounting an hard drive or installing a torrent client?

I’ve got Deluge + Flexget + External HDD working great. Let us know what you’re trying to do. :smile:

@leetwanker all of the above would be great thanks :smile:

For help with mounting a drive with fstab, we need to know how it’s formatted. Mounting drives in OSMC with fstab is the same as about every other linux distro I’ve used so there’s plenty of help figuring out how to do so on the web. Here’s what I’m using to mount my drive, it’s formatted with ext4 which works very nicely with linux. NTFS will work but not as well.

osmc@osmc:~$ cat /etc/fstab 
/dev/mmcblk0p1  /boot    vfat     defaults,noatime    0   0
/dev/mmcblk0p2  /    ext4      defaults,noatime    0   0

/dev/sda1    /mnt/Main    ext4    rw,user,exec 0 0

I installed Deluge following @cocomic’s simple instructions here

Flexget installed pretty much standard. I followed this guide from their site. If you run into errors about “six”, it just needs to be upgraded.

To start them at boot I installed cron, ‘sudo apt-get install cron’ and am starting them thus:

@reboot /usr/bin/python /usr/local/bin/deluged
@reboot /usr/bin/python /usr/local/bin/flexget daemon start -d

with a blank line at the end when doing sudo crontab -e.

I just committed a Transmission app to Git and am testing it now.


If you don’t mind a try:


@leetwanker hi mate the format of my hdd is NTFS if this make any difference ?

NTFS is mainly a Windows hard drive format. Linux supports it of course, mainly because linux supports just about everything. But it wasn’t made for linux so some things that work with ext3 or ext4 won’t work with NTFS.

If it’s an empty hard drive, or if you can move any important data off of it, it’s easy enough to reformat to ext4.

@Katze hi mate thanks for reply id rather keep the drive using the NTFS format as I use it for music on the pi also have lots of pics on there and also use it with windows whats the process for mounting hdd with NFTS for use with transmission

There’s a lot of different ways to do it, I don’t think there’s just one that will work for everyone. Check out this post. How do I correctly mount a NTFS partition in /etc/fstab?

One suggestion I have is DO NOT reboot until you have it mounting correctly with sudo mount -a. You’ll either have to go into emergency root recovery console or remove the SD card and edit the /etc/fstab file from another computer to get your Pi booting again.

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just a short story about NTFS:
I had a 1TB USB drive connected to a Pi and it was using NTFS. When I transferred data via LAN I could get a speed of about 2.5 MB/s as stable top speed.
I then changed to ext4, leaving everything else the same and all of a sudden the transfer speed went up to 8-9 MB/s. As far as I know NTFS puts quite some stress on the CPU, so depending on your hardware you should really think about switching to ext4.
Finally I upgraded to Pi2 and now I have about 11 MB/s transfer rate.

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