How to transfer video files to 1st Generation Apple TV?

I installed OSMC on my first generation Apple TV so I could play videos which I have ripped from my DVD collection. How do I copy my video files to my Apple TV?

You can install Samba, FTP or even transfer them with SCP.

Check out for more information.

what folder i must use to put my movies? im using filezilla.

Well if you have space in your home directory you can put them in /home/osmc/Movies
While it doesn’t really matter as you afterwards freely can choose which folder you add to your library.

i did it thay way, but after transfer some movies , the folder was empty. i will try again and post the results. thanks

How have you checked that? Do you mean it was empty when you wanted to add it to the library? That is the “normal” behavior. Adding to the library just shows folders but no files.

well i transfer the files , mac to osmc appletv1 , with filezilla, transfer its complete, but when i try to play the movie, the folder its empty.

How are you trying to play?

I got it working via Samba last night and I transferred some videos. The only problem is that OSMC isn’t showing the videos I transferred to it. And yet, it shows up in Finder on my Mac. How do you make OSMC scan the hard drive?

By adding your video location to the library

Thanks! Now my only problem is that when I play the videos, they don’t play properly. Every 20-30 seconds, the screen gets kind of fuzzy and the colors are all wrong. How do I fix this?

It would be good if we could find out more about the file you are having issues playing. Please see the mediainfo section in How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC

The video file I was playing was an MP4 file which I copied from a DVD with Handbrake.

MediaInfo of the file would be good as well.

If you see ‘green’ on your screen, then the GPU may be overheating. Are you in a particularly warm climate?

Also: do you have a CrystalHD card?


No, I live in New England. If anything, it’s a bit chilly. By the way, I’m mainly seeing red and orange.

Let’s see some logs, including mediainfo.

Check usual suspects like HDMI cable etc.

How do I get to the logs?

Kindly see the link posted a few posts above which will show you what to do

Let us know if you have any questions

How do I get to the media info logs?

It’s all covered here: