How will I not pay extra taxes when importing from UK?

Hi, wondering how this can happen in real life:

Please note that the prices you see on our website are the final prices and you will not pay additional fees .

Don’t you declare the package as having a value? I can’t see how I will not be made to pay Danish VAT plus handling fees from our postal service PostNord.

Of course we declare the value of the items when exporting – and this is important for insurance purposes.

For some reason people seem to think the sky has fallen, when in reality we are just sending goods now to the EU in the same way we that we shipped goods outside of the EU (like Switzerland or Norway). Goods are sent DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) where necessary so that customs fees are covered at the point of posting. The Cooperative Trade Agreement also allows us to claim preferential duty rates based on rules of origin.

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I’ve just checked and deliveries to Germany (I know you are in Denmark, but Germany is usually a good benchmark) are taking about three working days, which isn’t bad at all. This is probably helped by the fact that we are now using electronic customs data, which seems to be improving clearance time; particularly with USPS in the US.

Nah no sky falling here, only a bit of snow.

I was just wondering as I have never from any non-EU country ever experienced that any company has been using DDP as you call it and I have never heard of it before. Usually they just leave it up to the buyer to deal with the hassle, VAT and fees, but if there is another way and you’re doing that, then great!
Normally I would have to risk paying 25% VAT + PostNord handling fee of ~£20 + varying customs depending on the type of item.

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Things should get even easier (for businesses) from 1st July, after the EU introduce a one-stop-shop like approach (like VATMOSS, which is used for digital goods). Although this has been pushed back already – it’s target date was 1st January, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s delayed again.

Yeah I think we all are a little bit sorry that you leave the EU

@djondjoe DDP is real. It’s an INCOTERM (use your favourite search engine to learn more) and has been around for many years.

But I would agree, @sam_nazarko is one of the few that use it. Most companies don’t want the hassle of understanding different import rules and leave the buyer to figure it out.

I think it says a lot about his attention to detail and focus on the customer.

I think the biggest issue for us won’t be handling the shipping process post-Brexit, but instilling confidence that they will get their items without issues.

Even after 1st January 2020, when we began the 12 month transition period, there were some customers who thought that we had then left the customs union, and that ordering from us would be prohibitively expensive / difficult.

I’m hoping we can also build up a larger reseller network this year as some customs will always prefer to shop in a local market to avoid hassle.

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I’ve gotten 2 packages from the UK.

One from BK Electronics which was handled subliem, paid no UK VAT and DPD the courier sended me an email with the total import costs and VAT for NL.
This whole procedure took more then 2 weeks for the delivery, which normaly took 3-4 days.

The other package was from which send the package from the UK, this took 3 weeks and I still need to get refunded for the costs.

So … I get it why people think the sky has fallen.

I am not gonna order from the UK again unless I know for sure all VAT and import fees are handled correctly.

So far so good for me ordered twice selected ups and fedex for shipping. Both have the option to pay vat upfront to them and they handled the rest took 3-4 working days

I ordered a Vero 4k+ a few days ago, and yesterday I got a message from PostNord (Denmark) that I have to pay 192 DKK to import the package (import duty) - that is around +20%. I’m having a really hard time seeing how this is “… prices you see on our website are the final prices and you will not pay additional fees”!
So if anyone is importing this to Denmark, please be aware, that there is an extra cost.

Sorry to hear this.

That shouldn’t be the case and we have been shipping to Denmark regularly without issues since 01/01.

Have you contacted us about this via the support system?

We should be able to sort this out for you by providing PostNord with the relevant information about your order.

We did have some issues at the start with Post Nord in Sweden for a few customers, but they have since been resolved. Despite us sending the items DDP and covering charges on our side, they tried to double charge customers and add a handling fee. We were able to resolve this for Swedish customers. Perhaps they’ve tried this trick in Denmark – as Post Nord operate there as well.

PostNord is the scourge of Nordic countries, former govermental non profit postservice of sweden, turn semi government owned with profit required mower days.