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on the “Shipping and Customs” page from the shop i found this:

Customs information

Customers who place orders from USA, Australia and the rest of the world will usually not have to pay any import duties or tax. We advise that you check with your local imports authority if you are unsure whether you will have to pay any duties.

i have found this “old” thread:

with this in the last post:

If you want our products, you should be prepared to pay your countries VAT rates as well as any import duties and handling fees leveraged by your local customs authority. Alternatively, you can buy from a local reseller.

I am closing this topic. There will be nothing further to learn from it.

If we choose to adopt the IOSS scheme or there are changes to the current UK and EU agreements, then we will update this accordingly on the site.

could somebody clarify what i have to expect if ordering from italy? everyhing paid for (IOSS) or will i have to pay taxes/fees?

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The item will be sent DDU to Italy at this time.

If you want to pay the customs fees in advance you can order through a market place like Amazon or eBay (where we have an outlet) and fees will be collected automatically or an EU reseller.

Otherwise you will be contacted by Post Italienne automatically to pay any fees owed.

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Hello from an Italian customer…

my experience with taxes was this… How will I not pay extra taxes when importing from UK? - #52 by nixxo (I paid 4,55€ to the postman)

Hope it helps.

p.s. @sam_nazarko can you give a look at my support ticket nr. 644885

and you bought it from the osmc webshop (without additional fees)? and the value of the goods was declared 10 pounds?
i’m a little confused.

Sorry – I’ve done this now.

I’m about 2-3 days behind on emails, should be caught up by the middle of the week.


yes to both questions.


@sam_nazarko poste italiane should calculate it like this: 107 GBP + (full) VAT 22% + “delivery fee” (the amount that poste italiane charges for their hard work), right?

At this time – we are not using the IOSS scheme to ship packages, unless you purchase on eBay or Amazon where we then ship this as DDU (but with VAT collected).

As such, you would be charged VAT on import and some delivery companies as you suggested do charge a handling fee.

Actual fee might look a bit different as we declare in GBP and I suspect Italian customs work in EUR.

Some EU resellers: EU reseller/distributers - #2 by sam_nazarko.

We don’t have an Italian reseller currently. If you can recommend a company that stock Pi products / may be interested in stocking the Vero, we can get in contact. I am trying to grow the re-seller network this year.

ok, but apart the currency the calculation is correct, isn’t it? i guess it makes more sense to buy it at welectron…

Either way should be fine, as the final price should end up the same. We sell the units to WElectron without VAT, duties on a DDU basis. German VAT rate is 19%, so there should be about 3% difference in it.