[HowTo] RetroPie and OSMC: Retrosmc - Retrogaming on OSMC

Yes thats the Size of /opt/retrosmc. No I’ll try it if im back from work and let you know if it brougth a Change/result. Thank you for your help

So far so good. The emulatorstation is working. I just have to figuer out. Why my games aren’t working. I enabled the Emulator for snes games. And copyed my Roms in the Roms Folder. But only one is starting.

Thank you for your great Help and your great Job

i think you have to change to another libretro-core/emulator (by starting the rom and pressing a button when it tells you to). just. there has been a problem in retropie 3.0 which caused some snes games to not start (it takes you right back to ES, right?)

Yes it does. How do I Change the libretro-core/Emulator? Just add an other bios ?

snes doesn’t need a bios-file, i think… so no.
as i said, just press X or something on the controller/keyboard shortly after starting the game. you’ll end up in a configuration menu where you can tell retropie to use the other libetro-core for snes-roms in the future.
i think choosing another libretro-core (retroarch!) is the better option, as other emulators have other ways to config the controller.

I’ll try it if I am at home. Thank you for your help :wink:

You can also update only the lr-snes9x-next emulator with the retropie-setup script. This is the emulator, that fails to load some roms.
This is a known problem and described numerous times in this thread.

All right. I will test it at home

Is it possible to make installation script grab the overscan settings in ~/.kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml
And input in some config for retropie?

Not really, as the kodi does internal overscan. It won’t be calibrated with what retropie does.
You could specify custom resolutions/overscan/aspect ratios in retroarch emulators from the retroarch menu.
To set a global overscan value you could do that in /boot/config.txt. Not sure how that would influence kodi though.
Best way is to set your tv to “just scan” or similar mode to make it not apply it’s own overscan on top of what the pi is set to.

yes, remembered that you could do it in /boot/config.txt :slight_smile:
But was not needed before when only used it for kodi, their “overscale-tool” workes well.
Tip. for others, make it in kodi. Grab the numbers from guisettings.xml and input them in the config.txt, no need for testing then :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi guys,

First, thanks mcobit for such a great contribution!, now the question…anyone has some experience with Retrosmc and Xin-Mo dual arcade controllers?? I´ve been trying to use such controller for a little set-up I´ve built but after a while I´ve seen that for linux/ubuntu distributions there was something weird with the controller drivers and for many people the solution was to patch the kernel.

I´ve tried this but for OSMC at some point it gets stucked… any ideas?

Thanks in advanced to everybody :smile:

Most likely osmc will not work with this old kernel version.
They are using 3.6. We are at 4.2.

I’ll ask sam if he can include the patch. If not I’ll see if I can build a module for it or patch it manually.

Hi mcobit, very nice of you, I´ll give another chance to this solution (patching the kernel just to see) and post if it works, please let me know if you have any news.

You need the osmc kernel. Not the one linked in that topic.

you´re right :wink: I´m a newy on this.

Out of curiosity:
Did you already try if it works or not? The driver is in the kernel already. Might just need the patch if it doesn’t work.

hello, i´m from Portugal and i´m using Retrosmc since september and its working fine but there is some roms that a cant install at all… Also i canot play N64 games because i dont find in my keyboard some keys like right, left, up and down. I have to update something or is this normal ? I run it on a raspberry pi 2 with the distro osmc on a usb pen 3.0. Sorry my bad English

Unfortunately I need a lot more information to help you.
What roms for which system are not found? What emulator are you using for that system? What format are the roms in?
Do they work on a normal retropie installation?
Which n64 emulator are you using? Do the keys work in other systems?

And please do not talk about where you got your roms from! I’ll just assume that you ripped them off your original cartridges.

Hello I´m using mame-advmame and i cant install some roms there. Format rar our zip files.I only tested on raspberry pi. My brother in law did the retro instalation like the vídeo tutorial for retrosmc instalation. The nitendo 64 emulator its called n64. I´m only a user, i dont understand some kind os technical issues. Sorry