[HowTo] RetroPie and OSMC: Retrosmc - Retrogaming on OSMC


I’ve tried shutting down mediacenter but it still runs oom… I do have a few other things on there that perhaps fill up the rest of the ram. Using a pi3. EDIT: Oh I see that you explicitly shutdown mediacenter in the script… I also have nzbdrone running and a VPN server, so perhaps this pushes it over the edge.

sudo touch /enable_swap
sudo reboot


I’ve had the same problem as @comat0se some time ago: when I tried to install RetrOSMC on a system with couple of non-standard options (LAMP, VNC server, VPN Server) it ran out of memory. When I wiped the card, installed OSMC and then the RetrOSMC - it went ok.


Probably I (we) should mount some swapfile before compilation just to be safe.


yea I can confirm simply enabling swap will make the script complete…


Hey lads, I’ve spent countless times re formatting my micro sd card and I still can’t get the binary install option when I click install. It just goes straight into the install which takes a fair while - it doesn’t give me the option to choose the type of installation though!

Nothing shows up and I’m completely stumped on what to do.


It should be “Basic installation” now.
If the RetroPie Setup menu never shows up, there could be a connectionproblem to github.
Can you ping the git repository of retropie via https?


Thanks for all input. Finally have some free time and a couple of new sdcards, so will have another go at this now. I think the oom-issue was what was happening to me earlier, but I did notice the screen said shutting down media center, before the installer got going. Didn’t seem to help though.


Shut down other stuff running in the background or use a swapfile.


Worked fine this time, just using the install-script as is.


Actually the problem was with the roms.


Havent gotten around to actually playing anything before now. And a new problem shows up. Controller only works in emulationstation menu. Dead in games. Did not happen on my earlier working install.


What emulators? What controller?


Default ones for nes snes gba genesis 32x etc. Wireless 360 controller. Fixed it though. Had to do the bindings in the retroarch gui menu. Pretty sure I only had to configure the controller in emulation station before. The one that autolaunches on first startup. Or am I only dreaming this? Getting old, so could be.


It should be this way, but not sure if this works for all gamepads.

Edit: worked for my generic usb gamepads.


Please, could you give me a hand?
i install retropie trough the script install-retrosmc.sh and all it’s working except that i cant start emulstation (or retropie) trough the addon, because, dosent appear… i search the add on in programs addon and nothing (of course i install the addon…). Im starting retropie trough a ssh console… but, i prefer a addon.
Can you give me a hand?
(i dont speak english)


As posted numerous times now:
You have to activate the addon in the addon settings in kodi after installing it.
Kodi deactivates addons from unknown sources by default since version 17.


When I select splash screens in retropie menu, the screen goes black for a few seconds and then just returns to retropie menu. Any other way to set splash screen?


A splash screen will not work of course.
OSMC doesn’t use the programs to display a splash screen on boot.


I thought you could replace the emulation station white splash with something else. No? I have it disabled now in es_settings.cfg, so I just get a couple of seconds of black screen, but it’s not possible to replace it?