Infrequent Random Crashes When Playing Video

Occasionally while playing a video the sound will cut out and a few seconds later the video playback will freeze. I am unable to SSH into the frozen system and have to power off/on to restart. I have seen this on both a Raspberry Pi B and a B+ system. Both are running OSMC 2015.10-1 and have hard wired network connections. Here is the log: from the B+ system. For me this occurs once every 2-3 hours of playback, so I experience this at least once a night. I also have a Pi 2 but so far have not had this issue on that system.

I have the same problem on my b+. Have reinstalled a few times it doesn’t help. Here is my log:

edit1: Here is one more log with debugging on kodi. Uploaded this log right after last freeze

edit2: It dosent matter what video I am playing everyone of the makes my device freeze :confused:

Obvious question. If you are overclocking then try disabling that.

Not overclocking. I thought that might have been the case so at one point I changed the OSMC default “Normal” clocking to hardware default (700, 400, 250) and still had the problem.

Try extracting your media before playing it.

@JohntE I notice you are playing a video from a rar file. Does it behave better if video is extracted first?

Nothing obvious comes to mind. Narrowing down what is causing the issue is useful.
Can you try starting from a clean position. ssh in and run:

mv ~/.kodi ~/.kodi_back
sudo reboot

Only set up the minimum settings to play some video and see if the problem still occurs. This will show if the problem is in your userdata (i.e. settings and add-ons).

You can get back to your old configuration with:

rm -rf ~/.kodi
mv ~/.kodi_back ~/.kodi
sudo reboot

I my case I was playing a straight h.264 file.

Will try minimal system when I get a chance. I also noticed that both JohntE and myself are both using SMB. I could switch to a different protocol if you think this would help.

You will find more information on this issue in this thread Frequent random freezing. One of the key points seems to be that the video crashes started sometime in the September/October time frame. Reverting to the August update seems to have fixed the problem for a couple of other users (and myself on the one system I reverted).

Yes, the best way of identifying the cause is to try different settings. If the same file hangs with SMB, but not from USB or NFS then that would narrow down then problem considerably.

OK I will try switching to a different protocol. Just to be clear though this is a random issue. The exact same file will almost always play fine, and only occasionally crash. After a crash and a reboot, you can fast forward to the point in the file just before where it hung and it will play through fine. This is not easily reproducible.

I have always played vidoes that are rar:ed. Dosent matter what kind of video i play i still get this random freezes. I have never packed up rars and have always worked fine, but when i switch to osmc from raspbmc all problems came with it. I will make new logs.

Try with omxplayer enabled and disabled (in video/acceleration settings). That may narrow things down if it only fails with one option.

I switched from SMB to FTP and had a video freeze last night. I’ll try the omxplayer flip next.

Disabled omxplayer acceleration last night and did not have a problem in about 3 hours of viewing. I know its not definitive but it is promising. I will continue to run this way and post if there is any change. Didn’t really notice a difference with acceleration off, should I have?

same thing happens to me… no overclocking, and I’m connected via. wifi on my b+, connected to hdmi, usb i.r. receiver, and have a 8gb class 10 card and a 2.1a charger

i also use smb, but only to copy files in and out to the 3tb usb external drive connected directly to the pi.

been doing the random crashes ever since the last 2 updates

agreed with megardi… it’s not easily reproducable

what is omxplayer?

Another problem free night of 5 hours video viewing with omxplayer acceleration disabled. For the record 99% of the files I watch are h.264 encoded.

Hi, Check out the Kodi Raspberry Pi FAQ here:

Take special note of sections 1.4 and 1.7. The point that interested me is:

  • If you don’t play raw Blu-Ray quality videos then disabling omxplayer acceleration is an option which some users may prefer.

As I mentioned in my other post since I have disabled omxplayer acceleration I have not had this problem.


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Unfortunately I must have gotten lucky with omxplayer acceleration disabled for a couple of nights. Over the weekend had a number of crashes in this mode. So it would seem that overclocking, protocol, or acceleration do not seem to be root causes. Any other ideas?

As megardi suggested check the thread I started (Frequent random freezing) about this problem. Only thing that helped me was going back to August image. Still running with no freezes and restarts. There is definitely something wrong with later updates/images.