Install Error, can't mount root

i’ve downloaded osmc over Windows and installed the RaspberryPi(1) Version on my SD Card then i put it to my raspberry, it will start and show the OSMC Logo and below it stands “install failed can’t mount root”. Then i tried it a second time, the same…
Then i used the installer with debian, flash it to the sd card -> the same…

It’s a 4GB SD Card from Kingston.

What i do wrong?

Do you have another SD card at hand to try?


Ive got the same problem and have used 2 different cards already. First it gets stuck formatting device and finally it says “install failed: can’t mount root”. Can anyone please help?

hallo there Sam_nazarko

i have the same problem, how ever i dont get:
Install Error, can’t mount root
i get:
Install failed: can´t mount root

here is what i have tryed:
different psu
different sd card
different raspberry pi
disconnect every usb stick/cable/keyboard
re-download image ( many times)
reinstall osmc onto the sd card(s) (many times)
download the image without the installer and use USB image tool, to install osmc to the sd card
only thing i can think of is that is something wrong with OSMC RC for the Raspberry pi b+ (raspberry pi 1)

you can see my threat here

No, I’m sorry, i’ve bought my raspi things in a package. So i only have this 4 GB card and i think my other 1 and 2 GB cards are to small

I’ve installed on 2gb cards. You can use it to test and if it works then you’ll know purchasing another card >2gb should work.