Installing AceStream engine on ATV1 and OSMC (ATV1 Only)

Has someone managed to install the AceStream engine? If so, how did you do it?

Last year I was working with MaBoughey on a OMV Acestream server plugin.

It was working very well until the Acestream guys upgraded their stuff and released a new version.

I don’t think any work has been carried out in it since last year.

Just a heads up:

Our policy closely matches that of the Kodi team.
To get a better idea of our piracy policy, please see this link here FAQ - OSMC Forums

This falls into the grey area, since it can be used for legit purposes.

Cheers !

why AceStream is automagically cataloged as piracy? )

It’s not, did you read the above posts??

I use AceStream to view news on TV channels. Is that piracy?

I have managed to install AceStream engine manually:

  1. Install “python-setuptools” package:
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install python-setuptools
  2. Download an archive with latest version for Debian 7 i386 from here:
  3. Unpack and copy file “acestreamengine” to “/usr/bin/”, and everything else to “/usr/share/acestream/”.
    That’s all!


Just to stop this thread from de-railing.

Much like the torrent client threads on this forum, Acestream is not illegal.
It is fine to discuss tech problems and issues regarding Acestream and OSMC.

This is the Git that I failed to post above, it may be of some use to you.

If you read what I posted again… you will see that I said it falls into a grey area since it can be used for legit purposes.
Again, I didn’t say acestream was piracy, but it CAN be used for the purpose.
It’s simply a heads up to prevent people from straying into that area.
I’ve seen similar threads in the kodi forums end up there.

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Could you please explain how to install such packages on the Apple TV 4?

And to copy the .deb do you do it manually through a pc?


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U cant… Not the same platform even.

Just because you installed Kodi on your ATV4 doesnt mean that every addon works.

Tried install manually like Lamoboy wrote, but it doesn’t start… video plugins are waiting for TS and nothing…

First of all I installed python-setuptools
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python-setuptools

Then downloaded acestream 3.0.2 i686 version for debian 7.6 and copied to “/usr/bin/” and “/usr/share/acestream/” like he wrote

tar -zxvf acestream_3.0.2_debian_7.6_i686.tar.gz 
cd acestream_3.0.2_debian_7.6_i686
cp -r /home/osmc/acestream_3.0.2_debian_7.6_i686/acestreamengine /usr/bin/
cp -r /home/osmc/acestream_3.0.2_debian_7.6_i686/* /usr/share/acestream/

When I check acestream version
acestreamengine -v
it even shows it
version: 3.0.2 revision: 1323

But when I start TTV plugins it doesn’t run :frowning:
May be somebody can help?

I have forgot to mention that you will need “python-apsw” and “python-m2crypto” packages. You can install them the same way as “python-setuptools”. If it will not help, try to run AceStream engine in console and see what errors will come up. To run AceStream engine in console type: “acestreamengine --client-console”.

Thanks buddy!
Installed “python-apsw” and “python-m2crypto” packages like you told and it’s working!

I have an apple tv 4 with kodi installed and have been to out how to get and sopcast working for weeks all that you say to do above is foreign language to me, is done in xcode? a little more detail and can probably do thiS Thanks

My solution won’t work for Apple TV 4 unless you have a Debian installed on it.

please read thru the thread since that was already clearly covered

I’ve installed “python-setuptools”, “python-apsw” and “python-m2crypto” and copied files into their respective directories getting the error below

acestreamengine -v /usr/bin/acestreamengine: 1: /usr/bin/acestreamengine: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

What could be the matter?

I have the same problem. You may have found a solution?

Wrong architecture…
…or wrong interpreter for scripting language.

For all those who’ve come here and have the same problem:

There is no solution to this problem (I think), but works with Plexus program after minor modifications:

cd ~/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/program.plexus
sudo rm -r acestream
tar xfv acestream_rpi_3.1.5.tar.gz

Enjoy! :slight_smile: