iPlayer WWW / inputstream error


I’m really struggling to get my brand new Vero 4K to do as much as I was hoping to.

I’ve played around, installed Plex, paid extra for Plex Premium so that I can get to an interface that I’m more familiar with (still isn’t as familiar as my kids would like though) and I thought I’d look at addons.

So I’m trying to install the iPlayer WWW add on, which I thought would be pretty basic and dead easy to do. Instead, I’m hitting an error “The dependency on inputstream.adaptive 1.0.6…” that I have no idea how to resolve. I’ve googled it, I’ve searched the forum, and the best I can find is someone says “you have activated the inputstream.adaptive ?” and the reply is that they hadn’t but have now.

But despite going through the addon list fairly thoroughly, and pretty much every screen I can find in settings, I’m no closer to working out how to get this thing to work at all.

Any simple instructions on how to do something like this? I’m getting incredibly frustrated with trying to do something I assumed would be straightforward but isn’t.




Also suggests that enabling the inputstream addon resolves the issue.

It would help if you told us which skin you are using, then someone can give you instructions on how to enable it.

You will get used to the interface quite fast

I’m using Estuary - I’ve been through as many of the screens as I can to see how to do it.


I’m not sitting in front of my system, so I’m doing this from memory…

Don’t just navigate to AddOns on the lefthand side of the screen, but also click on the title AddOns to select it. Then at the very top left of the AddOns screen is an icon that looks like an opened package. Click on this and then select My AddOns. Navigate down to something like Video Inputstream and select, and then enable inputstream.adaptive. Doing that will allow you to download and install iPlayer WWW.

THEN under the iPlayer WWW settings, make sure you change it from DASH to HLS. There are some working DASH streams, but they’re wonky, and if there isn’t a DASH stream available, it tends to crash iPlayer. The HLS streams are still around, so I’d just use these until they go away.

Many thanks - that did the trick :slight_smile:

Good to hear.

Thanks for this tip; I managed to find inputstream.adaptive and it is in fact active. However, I still cannot install iPlayer www as the same error still comes up - “the dependency on inputstream.adaptive 1.0.6” Is there anything else I need to do? I have inputstream adaptive 1.0.8. Could that be the problem?Thanks!!

Is this on a Vero 4K or are you using a different device?

No it’s a My Gica 4K. Everything else works like magic with the update to 17.1. Just this is a problem! Thanks for your help!

…wow… way to waste someones time…

We do not manufacture nor support this product. It also does not run OSMC. You should take this issue up with the company you purchased it from.

This is a support forum for Vero 4K