Just using with TV usb - External Drive Format?

Hi all,
Have a new Seagate External Drive, and decided to start over so have reset 4k, ready for the new hard drive.

I will only view stuff on the tv via usb/4k - so the question is the Seagate gives me only NTFS or exFat as formatting options. It comes pre-formatted exFat.

Before I put my folders back onto the new drive is either of the formatting options better in my situation, or is formatting not needed at all? Can’t recall what I did to the old drive!

EDIT: Tried a small file from PC to Seagate Drive and it said: “Are you sure you want to copy this file without its properties?” - This is a NTFS thing I assume, but my original question stands.

If those are your two options, I’d suggest using exFAT.

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exFAT will be also the preferred file system for external drives for new Vero V?

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Now you have me wondering what is the Vero V!? But another time for that I guess :wink:

The preferred system for the Vero 4K+ is probably ext4, and I imagine that will be the case for the Vero V too. But 1) the original poster didn’t give that as an option, and 2) if you also want to connect the drive directly to a Windows PC and copy files onto it, then using ext4 is problematic - and this is the quickest way to copy files onto the drive with current Vero hardware. The new Vero will have a USB 3.0 port, which means leaving the drive permanently connected to the Vero and copying files across the network will have much less of a speed penalty; so there’s less of an incentive to make the drive Windows-compatible. But out of exFAT and NTFS, exFAT will, I’m sure, remain preferable.

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All your points are well noted, but since I still need to move my drives across different platform, I have to stay with NTFS.
Performances will not be at their best, but as of now I do not have complains with Vero 4K+ and assume no one also with new Vero V.

Vero V is the next model of Vero and successor to Vero 4K +.

It will launch soon…

See this thread:

And also this one:

Which of your platforms doesn’t support exFAT?

I’m used to move the drives also to the laptops of my children who watch TV shows and movies with Kodi on Windows 1x. They also copy and delete files via windows and I prefer to stay on NTFS.

Windows is completely comfortable with exFAT. But, whatever works. :slight_smile:

This exactly. You don’t need the security features of NTFS in this application and Linux has much better, and faster support currently for exFAT as it now has a kernel driver where NTFS has to use FUSE. However, on a Vero V an ext formatted drive can come close to saturating gigabit in a SMB file transfer from windows, the same drive formatted exFAT is only half the speed.

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