Kodi 18 Released

Just from a quick search of the forums of apps that need apt-transport-https.

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These aren’t Kodi packages / related to Kodi.

TVHeadend from OSMC App Store definitely doesn’t require HTTPS; as it comes from the OSMC repository.

Nonetheless, I can add this package soon.


Sorry I didn’t mean to imply they were Kodi packages. I only meant to say there were common packages used by apps installed on OSMC.

I may be mistaken, but I thought I saw something either here or elsewhere that nexflix also required this package. With Kodi 18 being able to have Netflix, I figured adding this package would make it easier to install.

so only a few more … months :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


libreelec released their leia build more than one month ago. :triumph:

The grass is always greener in the neighbors yard

If you need v18 this urgently, why not install it from the testing thread?




it’s ok. i will try to be patient … just wondering what is taking so long.

@bendsch I have a LibreELEC unit. It doesn’t have video out on some TVs using LE9. I had to go back to 8.2.5.


As frustrating as waiting can be, I, for one, appreciate the wait. I’m a software developer by trade and one thing I’ve learned is that fast almost always means shoddy. I always tell my clients that they have three options… fast, cheap, and good… but they can only pick two. Fast and cheap development is never quality work. Fast and good development is never cheap. Cheap and good development is never fast. That’s just the way it works. Yes, you could feasibly release something like OSMC a few days after upstream and produce a great product… but only at the (very real) cost of having a huge, experienced development team that requires quite a lot of money. With a comparatively small dev team and nonexistent price point, quality work takes time. So, I say again; take as much time as you need @sam_nazarko, at least I know when it’s released it will be the quality product we all love.


The grass is also greener where you water it.

Sam’s put a lot of effort into the upcoming release and I look forward to it. As a software developer myself, I can echo some of the statements previously posted (i.e. fast, cheap, good - choose two). I’d rather Sam take his time and end up with a reliable, stable product than rush a release.

Also, I know @sam_nazarko doesn’t want to throw stones at Kodi developers, but there is a lot of stuff they can’t test completely, even with a beta, and there’s a lot of stuff that add-on developers can’t (or don’t) test completely, but Sam and the rest of the OSMC team don’t want to release OSMC with problems that they know about, even if they might not technically be OSMC problems.

You can’t throw stones to free/open source developers. When you pay it’s a different relationship. At least you are entitled to ask for support or getting fixed broken things.

I have no problem waiting for a release for my Vero 4K.

I feel for you @sam_nazarko

At least when I drove to Wally World, I didn’t have thousands of backseat riders ( and Edna on the roof) asking “when?!” 24/7.

Thing is we pay for osmc support, but sometimes the issues are directly and only related to Kodi. Sam and the Devs push lots of fixes to the Kodi repo but it’s not their fault if something is broken nor their duty to fix it.

I’m not in a hurry for Kodi 18 and not blaming anyone. I understand things need time. I just wait for some kind of pre-release/beta version reliable enough in a way which customizations done won’t be lost when final/stable version will be released.
But not in a hurry, as I’ve said.

I want to jump in again to talk about the fact the @sam_nazarko & company have to make sure things work right, despite bugs in packages they have no control over.

Although this ffmpeg bug doesn’t actually affect Kodi or OSMC in any way, ffmpeg is used by Kodi. So, when the ffmpeg developers basically say that a warning doesn’t mean anything, but don’t fix the code to prevent the warning, this kind of thing is a big problem for Kodi and OSMC

There are many warning messages like this from upstream packages that have to be individually examined to make sure they really are harmless, and not actual bugs that slipped by.

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Kodi 18 beta can be installed already, there’s a thread with instructions in the development section

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