Lip-sync errors after latest update?

When I was last servicing Windows computers some years back, it wasn’t unusual for customers to tell me, months later, when booking another service call, “My computer hasn’t been working properly since you last fixed it”.

Invariably, this wasn’t because I’d botched the previous service, but the occasion was a convenient occasion for the customer to pin, on me, the latest crash caused by their (or teenager’s) actions.

So I’m not saying that the last update caused lip-sync problems when playing stored video files.

I’m just asking, is this possible? Has anyone else experienced this problem?

The two MKV videos I played last night that had significant lip-sync issues were a ‘Killing Eve’ episode and an ‘Endeavour’ (Morse) episode. I couldn’t get the co-ordination right no matter what I did.

Finally I gave up and just put up with it.

As I said, I’m not saying that the update caused this - I’m just asking, is it possible?

Not really had any reports of sync issues.
Anything changed in your environment recently?

If you have a file that is consistently problematic, then some debug logs might help us work out what’s going on.


As I said, it seemed unlikely that the update could have caused bad lip-sync. I only asked, in case anyone else had experienced the same thing and hadn’t thought it worth reporting.

It’s just occurred to me that I can test the same files (TV show episodes) on a computer, where they can be played independently of the Vero 4K.

I’ll try it and report back.

EDIT: Changes to environment? Yes - TCL TV upgraded itself to Android 8 (or so I believe) but it seems to be working normally in all respects.

Keep me posted


Hey sam and portyforty,
since upgrading from kodi 17 to 18 (and 18.2) alot of my mediafiles play async (~200ms) and I need to correct this with a manual delay.
These are usually MKV files with DD2.0 and DD5.1 audio.
I even have one Dolby Atmos 4k BluRay rip that is off >500ms.
Playing these files in other media players is fine though.

Thanks, Sam.
So far, the results are inconclusive. This is partly because I’m having trouble testing the Vero-through-TV format. The Audio Offset setting seems to get locked into the configuration, so that if I set it at, say, 4secs delay, when I restart the movie, the setting is still holding from the last viewing session, rather than reset itself to zero.

Yes, that’s expected. The settings are stored in the library.

I don’t know if this is related.

Can you play the file posted there?

I tried the “The Talk” sample, it plays sync for me.

I did some more tests:
My Denon receiver has something called “Auto LipSync”, which was enabled ever since. It calculates an audio delay of 96ms for my setup.
All my files played fine with Krypton releases of OSMC.
Now with Leia and newer betas there seems to be a delay in audio of some files, which I cannot correct on the receiver-side, as I can only delay the audio output, but not the video.
So even when Auto LipSync is disabled, I have to “speedup” the audio for 125ms to get it right (with Audio LipSync enabled I need to speedup 225ms).
I have a 4k MKV with Atmos audio, where I need to speedup 225ms to get it sync (without Auto Lipsync) and 325ms with Auto LipSync.
Some files (like some MP4 Lipsync-Tests I downloaded from YouTube) are not delayed at all.
I am using passthrough on all audio formats in OSMC.
I also checked the MKV files, as I thought that they maybe use some MKV-internal audio shift, but they do not. All delays are 0ms.
I really have no more ideas :frowning:

Have you tried connecting the Vero directly to the TV to completely rule out the Denon? It would be interesting to see (hear?) what happens.

The TV is in fact a projector that has no audio :open_mouth:
Maybe portyforty can test this…

It doesn’t even allow you to connect speakers directly? I’m not proposing this as a solution, just as a test.

Are you connected Vero -> Denon -> Projector or Vero -> Projector -> ARC -> Denon

But if you can’t try this test, then maybe @portyforty can try it.

I have connected it this way:
Vero -> Denon -> Projector
I don’t think there are any audio-out connectors on the projector, it’s a Sony VW260.

Well, so far neither @marc.breuer nor @portyforty have posted debug logs, so I can’t comment.

Sorry, guys, I didn’t see your replies.

Yes, I’ll test the linked file.

But I have no idea how to get a debug log.

One of the mkv’s I referred to (Endeavour Morse 6-1) as being problematic for lip-sync, turned out to not play properly on a computer, either. So that was a file error.

BTW: My setup has the Vero 4K connected directly to the TCL 55C2US TV by HDMI.
The source files are on a 6TB drive in a USB3 dock, connected to a W7 64bit PC (i5, 16GB ram) computer in the next room.
All devices, including the TV and a non-fibre modem, are cable-linked to a Gigabit LAN switch.

This rig works well. The Vero 4K can also access files on any of my other computers, including several wireless laptops and the PCs in my detached workshop, around 50m from the house.

BTW: I’ve experimented with the 6TB USB3 drive connected directly to the Vero, but it’s significantly slower that way, obviously because of the Vero 4K’s USB 2 port.
BTW2: I don’t play any streaming content. Oh, except for regular TV broadcasts, of course, that come in via the Sky box.


Details can be found here:

Thanks Tom.

Thanks, Tom.
Okay, the Talk video.
What am I looking for here?
I downloaded it to my computer, then played it on the TV via the Vero 4K (just the same way I do all my stuff) and I couldn’t detect anything out of the ordinary except a very, very slight lip-sync error.
I mean, so slight I mightn’t have noticed it under normal viewing conditions.
When I applied a correction, it seemed to improve by being delayed for .1 secs.
I based this on Rick Springfield saying ‘but’, when his lips came together at that point.

EDIT: Is there some way of slowing down the Vero’s replay? Maybe discrepancies would be more noticeable in slow motion?

Have a look at the solution in that thread with the Talk video and check your resolution settings to rule that out.

Hey grahamh,

here is a debug log:

I was playing a 4k Bluray MKV remux with Dolby Atmos Audio.
The audio is delayed about ~300ms, so it’s very noticable.
It plays fine on Windows Media Player, VLC and another windows video player I tried (MPC-HC).
Maybe you can see anything in the log.

My resolution is at 1080/60Hz

I rebootet at 2019-05-25 14:20:41, so just ignore the stuff before.
And then I had to reset the Kodi audio delay to 0 first.