Guys, I’ve installed mediainfo on my 4k+ using :

sudo apt install mediainfo

It gives me version:

MediaInfo Command line MediaInfoLib - v0.7.91

But when I try to use it:

mediainfo -f 'Argo (2012) Bluray-2160p x265.mkv'

I get no info…just a blank line.

Im probably doing something wrong, or is there a problem with this version, or some dependency I’m missing?

Any help is appreciated.

Where is the file ‘Argo (2012) Bluray-2160p x265.mkv’ located? because if it’s on a Network share then you’ll need the share to be mounted and you’ll need to pass in a full path to it.

Currently on the Vero mediainfo only works for files up to 2GB

Ive changed directory to the folder where the file resides.

Well that would be why then !

You can create the mediainfo-output of the affected media file on the OSMC device, if you just copy the first few megabytes of the files to a new one:

  1. login via SSH, user osmc, password osmc
  2. if not already installed: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install mediainfo
  3. cdto the directory containing the video/audio material in question
  4. since mediainfoonly needs to read the header information of the file data, copy the first 4 Mbytes of the media file to a new file (the quote signs are important):
    dd if="<media file>" of=purgeme.bin bs=1024 count=4096
  5. create the mediainfo
    mediainfo -f purgeme.bin
  6. remove the created media file snippet
    rm purgeme.bin

The current mediainfo v7.91 is somewhat old, see MediaInfo

Thanks Jim that’s good to know.
If I build the latest one from source, do you know if it still has this >2Gb issue?

Unfortunately i haven’t a chance to test it; let us know.


The issue is down to libzen0

Thanks Tom.

We are working on a new solution for MediaInfo and sample processing which should be available in the New Year.

That’s good to hear Sam.