Missing Linux installer at download page

Maybe I missed something lately, but where did the Linux installer OSMC go?

Alternatively there is the possibility to install a debian package, but previously there was really a Linux installer
OSMC installer Debian package

It’s deprecated now. You can use dd until we develop a new installer


Thank you for your response, there are even more options, such as using UnetBootin or another Image Writer.

But that may not be known to all (new) users, a missed opportunity for Linux enthusiasts

Not sure about UnetBootin, but with Linux Mint, I can just open the supplied gz file, then use Disk Image Writer to burn the .img file inside to SD or USB.

etcher works just fine

Etcher is almost as large as the OSMC image…

it does provide a gui if thats what the user after

It’s not like space is a luxury in 2019. You can pick up a 1tb ssd for less than a 100 euros or a 4tb HDD for the same or 8 tb HDD for little over 200.

I remember my first home computer had 4.6 gb

Indeed – I just find it humorous that a GUI based installer is almost as large as the image for an entire Linux distribution.

Lol yes that’s true looking at it from my perspective as someone that knows almost nothing about Linux and totally nothing about writing code I’d say it’s amazing that a Linux distribution is as small as a simple GUI based app.

If you create a window 10 installation drive it’s at least 4gb I think

Etcher uses Electron and for now at least, cannot utilise web engine components from Chrome (which is installed on many systems). If it could, the dependencies would leave a much more minimal footprint

So does Disk Image Writer. Just right click on a .img file pick Open with … and away you go. It’s built in to Linux Mint so I assume Ubuntu has it as well.

I tried imagewriter and it didn’t work, because it only looks for USBs, so I can’t choose SD card.

WIth dd there are many problems. It worked fine for the first time, then system just broke suddenly when installing an add-on and now I can’t add it again on the SD. No idea why.


While I can not imagine any problems with dd the easiest solution is always just to use balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives as already indicated by @Toast

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OSMC Installer Linux - New Release

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