Mouse Input too sensitive

Hi, I have just installed Alpha 4 having run Raspbmc for some time. First impressions are very favourable. Start up is really fast. However; whereas I had no problem running Raspbmc in a mouse-only configuration, I find the menus in OSMC scroll far too quickly to work effectively. If I connect a keyboard I can make progress but this is not how I want to work. Is there any control over the mouse sensitivity or GUI behaviour that would address this? I saw one other post mentioning this topic, but no resolution.

I should add that this is on a Pi B and I am experiencing the same issue with a Logitech M235 wireless mouse and a standard Dell USB mouse.

Many thanks


Is this using the OSMC skin? If it is, I’ll bring it to the attention of the Skinner



Hi Sam,

Yes this is the default skin out of the box. The vertical scrolling of the menu is the main issue as the smallest vertical mouse movement changes the current item.

I am currently getting by with Yatse remote which is working fine, just not as conveniently as the wireless mouse.

Having played a bit more with this release it really is looking good. Much more responsive than raspbmc was.



Hi Sam,

I’m using Alpha4 and I can reproduce the observations from DaveP.

My first idea was to go to the settings of the skin to address the issue, but there is no available option to set the mouse sensitivity up or down.

Overall looks like an improvement from raspbmc so congrats.


I have changed to the confluence skin to get round this problem, but note that skin changing is virtually impossible unless you use the keyboard arrows rather than the mouse to navigate through the menus.


As EMJB says Confluence works fine with a mouse so this is a problem with the design of the OSMC skin, probably with the algorithm that is used to scroll menus.

However I have since discovered the joys of CEC and found that my Panasonic remote control drives OSMC very effectively with no configuration changes. I have started playing with some key function mapping but already have much more than the mouse gave me. Will try again when a new version of the skin is released.

The more I explore the OSMC/Kodi combination the more I appreciate I have still to discover.

Keep up the great work Teams Kodi & OSMC.

Pretty much the same experience for me but also with a huge mouse cursor seen on the old tube TV I’m using. Maybe Confluence should be the default skin at install?

Other than the above OSMC looks good. Looking forward to future builds.

Oh, ye of so little faith…

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The skin doesn’t support mouse or touchscreen control. Kodi is a media center not a media player.

In XBMC/Kodi the primary environment was designed for the living room (10-foot interface) and controlling it only with a remote control. While XBMC/Kodi does support mouse, keyboard, and even touch controls, the main method of controlling XBMC/Kodi is designed around is the typical remote.

Hi, I too have a big problem with this. Are you saying that OSMC out of the box will not support a mouse ?

Another user with mouse preference who is affected by this issue in RC version.

Is there some setting to define in config which controls mouse movment sensitivity?


It is a problem that the skinners are aware of, and it will be fixed for the next release.

We understood that this is an issue with skin and it’s great that it will be addressed in the future, but I’m asking what can I do now to make Pi with OSMC usable :smile:

Use another skin.

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Use a remote or a keyboard? Adapt and overcome…

No mouse support in the OSMC skin.

There are two really simple solutions:

If your TV supports CEC then its remote should just work via the HDMI cable, nothing to configure. You can then have endless fun playing with keymaps.

Alternatively if you have an Android phone or tablet on the same LAN as OSMC then install Yatse which should give you lots of remote control functionality.

Since I switched to using my Panasonic remote I have given up any desire to use a mouse on OSMC generally although I can still see that it could sometimes be useful, particularly for things like on-screen keyboards.


Your suggestions are reasonable except that when trying to instal the RC I could not complete the set up of wifi without a mouse since the keyboard was also not reacting properly. I have yatse on an android but without wifi it becomes a none starter. I also had the problem that although my sony bravia is supposed to support cec - it does not as it’s any early version.

Therefore events dictate that a properly configured mouse and keyboard are essential items. I am sure that this will get fixed eventually.

Use a network cable, set everything up, remove network cable.

That is what I did but the keyboard would not complete the wifi set up (would not click on my ssid) and I needed to use the mouse to point at my ssid before it would complete. To get to the wifi set up I needed to use the keyboard as the mouse was totally uncontrollable. See if you can scroll back on languages in the initial set up. I too had to switch to confluence as soon as I could.