No 3D MVC since todays update

I’m a new owner of a Vero4k+ and I’m deeply impressed by it’s capabilities.
I got rid of my Zidoo Z9S, my Kodi installation on an Intel NUC and my PiCorePlayer at once because the Vero covers all what I need: mkv, 3D mvc, hd audio, gapless audio, gapless multichannel audio.

I installed the Linux 4.9 Kernel and improved video stack at the very beginning.

I’ve been using my Vero for one week by now, watching 3d mvc movies every night and everything went fine until todays update.
Since that update 3D MVC doesn’t play anymore.
I can’t remember exactly whether there was a ‘hardware’ selection in stereoskopic/current - in case it is gone since today.

Since rebooting, power off/on of all my equipment hasn’t helped, I think I need your assistance,

Thanx for the fast answer.
Is there any way to get back to last version?

Yes - it’s explained in that thread.

I think Sam may be referring to this post (which is actually in a different thread!):

THX to all of you.
The last step provided by sam and angry.sardine was the solution.
Everything works like a charm again.

One last question: can I avoid such a situation by hashing the following line in the source.list ?
deb stretch main


You can - but then you won’t get any future stable updates.