On screen display removal?

Is there any way to control the removal of the on screen display when video is paused? Very often I want to pause something to look at a frame and can’t because of all the display buttons, banners etc. Surely this can be mapped to a button??

When paused, click the back button on your remote to remove the osd.

Thank you, but no that simply takes me out to the folder of the file I’m playing.

If you are using Confluence (not tried it on other themes) and TV remote (CEC) then press Pause to pause not OK/Enter then all you get on the screen is the small progress bar and pause icon in top right.

I’m using this remote. So that pause instead of enter thing didn’t work for me. But thank you. Any other ideas? :confused:

Try space bar

Space bar just acted as a play button as it does on a computer.

X stops the movie
also, you can always set up new controlls with a keymap file.


whats happening with M or tab?

I fear that is not that easy since the Skin determines what to be shown when the player is paused.

An extreme method would be to remove the tag


from all these files


but then in general there is no OSD anymore when pausing the video.
Perhaps someone can refine this and suggests how to change these files, so the OSD disappears automatically after a fix amount of time.

Esc on the keyboard should remove the OSD, you probably have back on your remote mapped to backspace rather than Esc

Space bar should toggle between Play and Pause … so try hitting it when movie is playing.

Thank you,
Is there possibly a way to know by studying xml files which skins will have an OSD removal key?

ESC does the same thing as back with this keyboard. :confused:

Well Bello does go to a clean frame after pausing but I really hate the look of Bello. Feels so Apple.
If I keep installing different skins, how do I delete them later so that tey don’t just sit on my microSD card taking up space?

@tinpanalley: Look at this how-to-article if you want have the Pause OSD vanish using the OSMC skin.

Greetings from Germany,

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Thank you, I’ll try that. :slight_smile:


This is my first post here :smile:
For info, I have a Vero 4K with the latest update 2017.07-1 and I am using the OSMC skin.

JimKnopf : That’s exactly what I was looking for : not having any OSD while in pause and not having any OSD popping out when unpausing.
That’s because when I watch videos with subtitles, sometimes some subtitles are very quick and so, sometimes I like pausing the video in order to read them.

I have already spent hours trying to solve this …
Of course I am a new user to Vero 4K and OSMC, so I had to learn how to use PuTTY, learn to use some Unix command lines, etc.
I have tested all the various skins, but there are none that solve my problem (but I haven’t tried to tweak the parameters of the skins, because at the time I didn’t knew I could do that). I did it for “Black Glass Nova” and indeed it works : no OSD while in pause, but when I unpause the video, the OSD pops up for 2-3 seconds …

What I have done :

  1. Activated the debug lines of the OSMC skin in order to know which xml is used (but we dont’ have the path ) :
    -while in play, it is VideoFullScreen.xml
    -While in pause and 2-3 seconds after unpausing it is VideoFullScreen.xml and DialogSeekBar.xml

  2. Copied via ftp those files :

  3. Removed all the player.paused from those 4 files and put them back on the Vero 4K via ftp.

  4. Restarted the Vero 4K, but OSD was still there when pausing and unpausing a video.

  5. Activated another skin then activated OSMC skin back, in order to trigger something, but OSD was still there when pausing and unpausing a video.

  6. I thought I should have edited the xml files directly via SSH instead; in order for the system to understand there was a change …
    I opened a PuTTY session to log with SSH, used vi to edit the 2 files here (they of course already didn’t had any player.paused left) :
    (I just added a space somewhere, saved, then deleted the space, then resaved)

but OSD was still there when pausing and unpausing a video.

  1. By doing a :
    find / -name VideoFullScreen.xml 2>/dev/null
    and a
    find / -name DialogSeekBar.xml 2>/dev/null

we can see that there are files that are in temp folders, so I deleted them :
(desperate mode :wink: )
rm -i /home/osmc/.kodi/addons/temp/A/XML/VideoFullScreen.xml
rm -i /home/osmc/.kodi/addons/temp/B/xml/VideoFullScreen.xml
rm -i /home/osmc/.kodi/addons/temp/A/XML/DialogSeekBar.xml
rm -i /home/osmc/.kodi/addons/temp/B/xml/DialogSeekBar.xml
(A and B are like cryptographic hashes names so I just replaced them by A and B here in my post) (user specific mac address hash or other meanings ?)

Then I restarted the Vero 4K, but OSD was still there when pausing and unpausing a video.

So, now I am out of ideas …

Anyone has an idea why my edits on the xml are not working ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Jimigo,

with the Krypton’s skin.osmc there is a changed behavior.
If you watch a video and press PAUSE two (2 !!!) flags will be set to true namely


If you just want to remove the OSD seek bar dialog when having pressed the PAUSE key you only need to change the file

(Not sure whether there is a need to make a change in any other file but belongs on your purpose.)

and remove Player.Paused and Player.DisplayAfterSeek in the OR-phrase of the first visible tag.

So the beginning of the xml line should looks like

<visible>[VideoPlayer.IsFullscreen | Window.IsVisible(visualisation)] + [Player.Seeking | Player.Forwarding | Player.Rewinding | Player.IsTempo] + !Window.IsVisible(...

Hi JimKnopf,

So, I put back in place the original state of the 4 files I previously edited and only modified DialogSeekBar.xml as you advised.
I did that via ftp.

I restarted the Vero 4K and now it works perfectly : no OSD while in pause and no OSD when unpausing :joy:

Thanks a lot !!! :+1:

Hi JimKnopf, after reading your post to @Jimigo, I was wondering if it was possible for you to give me a step by step on this procedure so that a low level person like me could do this?