OSMC and Rom Browser Collection


I would like to know if there is a way to have RBC on OSMC. I installed it but then I realized I do not have emulator. So I missed something. Then I read this:

and probably RBC is not supported on Raspberry. Am I correct?
I have few MAME roms and I would like to run them on Raspberry/OSMC for my kids.

Any solutions?

Checkout Retosmc here on the forum, supports mame4all as far as i can read.

I use it myself, but mostly for GBA and Psx games.It’s been stable on my Pi2b, and it’s got an easy installation script now.

[HowTo] Retrosmc - Retrogaming on OSMC

Hi Joakim_Sandstrom,

Thanks for reply. I found this:

and I have already read it. Is this a stable script?

The thread starts with this:
“First things first: I am NOT responsible if this does any harm to your system!”

Now I spent lot of time configuring my osmc. Is it safe install this script?

Forgot to mention another question?

Do you suggest to install also Launcher Add on?

This is pretty stable.
The sentence is to prevent people screaming at me if something goes wrong.

You should make a backup of your kodi config anyway before doing anything else.


I installed everything. I installed Launcher Add on, then Retosmc. Everything went ok.
But I expected to find a shortcut to launch the emulator in the Program Add on, but I didn’t exist.
I was able to launch the emulator doing ssh on raspberry and launching the script:
cd /home/osmc/RetroPie/scripts

First question is: how I can launch it from Kodi?
How can I get a Games menu with a shortcut “Launch Retropie” like showed in this video:

(min 3:26)

Forgot to mention, I use Confluence skin. Is this the reason why I do not see the shortcut?

In the install script there is an option, install launcher, a bit down the options. I forgot to do it the first time aswell. I use Confluence too.

But I have already installed everything using the script as descript in the guide. I also installed the Launcher addon first hoping to find the shortcut But it don’t appear.
However everything works fine.
One things not Clear to me. I noticed several emulators for mame. Which one should I use? For the moment I went for mame-all.

Did you have a look in the ptograms category?

Please post the output when you install the addon.

Yes program category. But I have already installed everything and I do not have output to show. Can you elaborate better what do You need?

Just run the installerscript again and choose install launcher addon again.
This will produce output.
Scroll back in Putty.

Edit: There is also a command in the first post that you can assign to a custom shortcut to launch emulationstation.

Ok I’ll do it.
However I saw the System.Exec command. My problem is that I do not know how to include it in kodi. Basically I do not know how to create a shortcut in kodi.

It is easy in skins that use skin shortcuts addon.

In confluence even I am not sure how to do it.

But lets first analyze why the addon doesn’t get installed.

You can also try to install it manually. I can post the instructions for that, too.

Might have to restart OSMC to get it to read new programs/addons. Or install a new plugin from repository and then delete the newly installed one. Just to get it to refressh the installed addons.

Thats been my experience.

Slightly off subject but is it possible to use these overlays with retrosmc


After googleing retropie and overlays, I got that from RetroPie-Setup Script version 3.4, there is support for overlays. Just dont know if retosmc uses that script, mcobit knows more about that.

The script will always install the latest version so it should work.

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I’ll give it a go :slight_smile: Thank You.

Hi all,
Interesting this overlay, I will give it a try.
However, going back to my question I tried what mcobit suggested but the screen was too quick and I was only able to see “Addon Installed” or something like that.
So I analyzed the script and in particular option 2).
I run the commands manually because they are very simple. They download the plugin from github and extract it in .kodi folder. So I did it manually using the commands of the script, restarted kodi and everything worked properly. I also added the shortcut in main menu.

Now I have an additional question: Retropie vs Rom Browser Collection.
Retropie is a good way to play retro games on raspberry. It works fine, but it is managed as an external program.
RBC is more integrated with KODI.

Now if I am able to run MAME game on raspberry it means somewhere exists an executable file that emulates mame. If so, I think I can configure RBC manually giving it the mame rom folders and also the emulator.
Is this possible?
I would prefer use RBC because it is fully integrated in KODI, I can use fanart (I know this is possible also in retropie) and so on.

Is there a way, once installed Retropie, to configure RBC and have it working on raspberry? If so, where I can get instructions to do that?
I ask this because I read this is possible in OpenLEC so it is not a raspberry limitation but only an OSMC one.
Am I correct?