Rom Collection Browser

Hey Folks - I’ve done a bit of searching in this forum and beyond, watched several youtube videos but still cannot find my answer. It seems like a easy question and a simple one to google but I’m stuck. I have RCB installed and I have roms to test but when I SSH into the Rpi2 (OSMC installed) I have no clue where to drop the roms… Can anyone help or point me to a thread that I may have missed in my searches?


RCB will not work on its own. You need the emulators, too.
Also it will not work as you expect without X in the background to manage input.
Please have a look at the Installing RetroPie on osmc as an alternative way to play retrogames on osmc. You can see it as an intermediate solution as Sam promised some closer retrogaming integration in the future.

Put roms in /home/osmc/RetroPie/roms/systemname after installation.

Hi, I have been wondering the same thing as well…

If I have understood well there’s no way to play with any emulator through OSMC/Kodi, isn’t it?