OSMC on Raspberry PI. Won't start IPTV streams

Nice. Cant wait :slight_smile:

Done, remember to set the URL with the port aswell. http://domain.com:8080

Hm, the new addon dont sems to work or the user agent.

At least not for me, im even trying it on the VLC on my PC. Just give me error in vlc, like its not even working,

The http://clientportal.link:8080/live/XXX/XXXX/16543.m3u8 works

but in the .m3u file is says http://clientportal.link:8080/live/XXX/XXXX/16543.m3u8 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_11_6) App_Bitness/64 Version/16.1-Git:2016-04-24-c327c5

So its like the useragent additon makes it un-usable.

The VLC user-agent is allowed so it is not weird that it works without the fix on VLC. The updated version works here on my Rpi with OSMC. Are you sure you wrote in the correct URL?

I thought I’d give you guys a catch up.

The custom user agent patch is removed for some time now and will be in the next update.

I reached out to several IPTV providers to ask them why they were blocking OSMC. Most didn’t reply but one did and said that they weren’t blocking OSMC, but they were reselling from a company that were. It seems most providers are just middle-manning services from one giant company.

After some discussion with the larger company, they said that they sold Kodi services only, and they thought OSMC was piggybacking off this somehow. I asked them if they would unblock it and they said they couldn’t because of the number of OSMC users and the bandwidth implications this would have.

So now we will blend in with the rest of Kodi clients, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some services have issues with oversubscription in the future…


Oh, nice going! And I spent all this hours writing this addon;) Learned a lot though:)

Sweet. When does it come? Next week?

It might still have its uses in the future.


So that “giant company” is not so giant after all if they can’t upgrade their bandwith to support all the OSMC users.

This does not play nice at all for an IPTV service provider…

Sounds more like they don’t actually know what OSMC is. :joy:

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They will soon enough. The floodgates have been opened :wink:

Does this mean that there should be a new update available soon? :slight_smile:

The July update has been released




I don’t know if its working for others but it is not working for me :frowning:
I have the latest update “OSMC July 2017 2017.07-01”.

Do I need to do anything else than adding the m3u link on the simple pvr client?

no, then its all your iptv providers fault in the end if it doesnt work as intended, just remember the old saying “you get what you pay for”

Ask your IPTV provider. Let them know they can contact us if there’s anything
that needs to be done :slight_smile:

RapidIPTV admit to blocking OSMC clients from their streams:


They seem to be struggling to provide enough bandwidth for their clients. I’m going to see if I can add a workaround for this. I still don’t believe RapidIPTV are in control of the streams. I think they are getting them from another company, as another IPTV has similar behaviour and routing.

Kodi logs will show a 401 error if you’re being blocked.


[quote]IPTV Community, Jan 20, 2017
Due to low device specs and many freezes on Pi devices, we have blocked their access to our server. It will only give you an unpleasant experience of Rapid’s service. [/quote]
Very strange explanation,seems to apply only to OSMC other Os´s installed on RaspberryPi are not being blocked

We can work around it.

lol, RapidTV seems like an awesome provide where you really get what you pay for.