OSMC Release Candidate 3 lands

I answer to myself: Go in Backup menu, check “tarball” (or something like that) and define the path for backup. Then, you’re able to do manual backup

Hi, the backup option is not working properly at the moment but will be fixed shortly, probably by tomorrow. Another change that will be made is the tarball switch is being removed so that the settings such as backup path are always visible.

ARGH !!! Damned !!!
I’ve plan to migrate my raspBMC/PIB+ to OSMC. And I’ve already a OSMC/PI2 wworking fine.

So what are the problems with backup ?

Just a problem with copying the backup tarball from a temporary file to its final location, nothing major so it should be fixed soon.

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Yes. Hardware accelerated so should be fine on Pi1.

Fixed. Proper number is 450,000.



the DefaultHardDisk image problem still exists in RC3.
Will it be fixed to Final ?

Hi. If I’d like to have my app Lumus (still looking for a better name) included to your AppStore, would that be possible? What should I do? It’s a web similar to Sickbeard running in node.js.

Thanks for your great work, btw!

Hi! Congrats on reaching RC3, OSMC just keeps getting better :smile:

I just did a clean install and had only 1 problem so far. I installed Hyperion but it didn’t work.
After some googling, I found I had to enable SPI in config.txt (dtparam=spi=on).
In your blog you specifically mention SPI being enabled for Hyperion, so I guess this is a bug? Or did I do something wrong? :slight_smile:

Well done! Will be updating tonight.

Send me a PM and I can help

Is the backup settings now a full backup of everything? ie in case of SD corruption or upgrading the sd card?

Update went smooth as butter here.

Thanks once again to Sam and the team for your wonderful work!

No need for a PM.
Hyperion is working OK now after enabling SPI.
Just wanted to let you know :slight_smile:

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Any infos on coming i.mx6 support ?

Congrats on reaching this milestone, everything running quite smoothly on my end. One small question: you mention in the release note that the firmware has been updated to fix possible rpi2 card corruptions, however checking the dedicated thread (SDCard corruption on RPI2 · Issue #397 · raspberrypi/firmware · GitHub), from what I understand in one of Dom’s latest comments, we need to have


added to config.txt to benefit from the alternative driver, which I don’t see in mine - do we need to add it there manually?

Furthermore, a couple of commits have been made to the kernel related to sdcard corruption (and possible overclocking), apparently after you captured it for RC3.

Is this something needed which you will fix shortly through a new kernel compilation?

Thanks again for everything!

Where do you prefer that we post to make app requests? I’d love to see Couchpotato and Sonarr/nzbdrone on that list.

I prefer pull requests, but you can chuck them in Feature Requests subforum :wink:

Have asked popcornmix (Dom) for advice, don’t think it’s necessary anymore


The update to RC3 is failing on my PI B+ OSMC install.

It says there are updates available, but if I reboot I just end up with a sad little face and then it boots back into Kodi with nothing having changed.

I’ve uploaded my logs here: http://paste.osmc.io/ixemudecox

Please let me know if there’s any other info I can provide to help debug this.


Looks like those fixes are in. If you do have any corruption issues, check your power supply, and if that’s OK, continue to report on the GH issue.