OSMC Release Candidate 3 lands

Hi Sam

I have installed RC 3 and I can see that it is so much faster than the previous releases. Well done to all of you for producing such a stonking great release.


Thanks for the log - it shows that it had crashed during the upgrade of mediacenter-addon-osmc (the OSMC settings addon) leaving it’s files in an inconsistent state. dpkg --configure -a finishes off the setup of packages that had been extracted but not yet set up at the time of the crash while the second apt-get dist-upgrade installed the remaining packages as well as reinstalling mediacenter-addon-osmc, so you should be all good now.

If you get the same problem in future open a new thread with the logs. Thanks.

Thanks Sam for following up on this. I’ve only witnessed corruption once, in the alpha stage of osmc, while overclocking the pi. With normal settings everything has been fine ever since, I might give it another go now, just to test things out for the sake of it.

Does this release include the HDMI-CEC issues for Panasonic Viera TVs ?
I’m referring to the “double event send for one press” issue.
This is terrible! It’s really killing the UX and keeping me away from OSMC. :frowning:

I’ve been testing each RC hoping for a fix…

We will be upgrading to libCEC 3.x for Isengard, so hopefully it will be a thing of the past then.


Okay then, thanks !

HI, and thanks for this release.

I got a message after the update (download) of the RC3. “Error Installing”, but I see nothing at all after (update download>message error>installation)

there is a log file or not ?

Thx !

Start a new thread with complete log files.


Seems to have found a bug … Hope this is one and not a normal behaviour…
“OSMC” seems to be hardcoded for device name. If I change in KODI the device name to “sleepingroom”, it still appears as “OSMC”. This is really annoying for me cause I’ve two “OSMC” on the network, so I thing this is the source of some other problems I have (cant access to the workgroup where the two OSMC are declared.

Is ther anyway to change the device name ?


seems like its wiped out my sonarr install for some reason

I’m not clear what you mean by the ‘device name’.
Are you talking about DNLA name, SMB name or what?
SAMBA has a netbios name parameter which can be used to identify SMB, and I think Kodi has a place to affect the DNLA name(under System Services settings).

OK. So I mean the SMB name (the one I can see in Windows Explorer). It could be very nice if both name could be synchronized.

Is it possible to configure the SMB name in OSMC ?

Just edit /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname

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These two names are not correlated, so this isn’t a bug but rather expected behaviour. It may be a good idea for me to change this in Kodi itself. We are discussing allowing hostname changes in the addon too.


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One thing I noticed when doing a fresh install is that when you come to selecting a language, the colour is really faint. This makes it very difficult to see which one you are selecting!

Apart from that everything is great, no other problems so far. :smile:

Agreed. Will mention this to @Karnage

Is there news on when the Cubox or iMX beta or alpha will come out? I understand you guys are focusing on the VERO and Raspberry Pi but there are a lot of us that already have an amazing little cube with a lot of bells and whistles. And OSMC would be the perfect marriage for it. Bluetooth, wifi, eSATA, 2GB ram so I can run SyncThing and Transmission and Flexget and not worry about playing a BluRay rip simultanuously :smile: Please keep us posted on the Cubox development.

I have an rpi2 and have been running rc2 for about two months I went through a move and switched to rc3 but now it boots to the osmc screen but is frozen I restart the pi and it boots and will run for a minute but then says unsafe device removal and goes to a blank screen as I have wiped both the usb and sd card and reinstalled multiple times but that doesn’t fix the problem any ideas?

Unsafe device removal means it thinks you unplugged the USB drive. If you didn’t physically do so it almost always means that you have a low voltage issue with your power supply because the USB ports are the first thing to die when the voltage is too low.

Sounds notoriously like an insufficient power supply issue. Please create a new thread to pursue the issue further as the release thread is not the place for troubleshooting. Thanks