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I am using this OSMC Skin Scope for my home cinema with a 21:9 canvas. I am watching movies in 21:9 and TV-shows in 16:9. For 21:9 I adjust my beamer to full width and for 16:9 to full height. So i need also to change the type of the mask too.
Is ist possible to have a short cut for the mask feature? Maybe toggle through all masks?

And maybe an automatic feature to switch mask dependig from the ratio of a selected video, when starting playback and switch back to a default mask when video playback is stopped?


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There’s an additional button in the video player OSD of the scope skin version which opens a dialog to select a different masking aspect ratio.

That’s not properly possible as the only aspect ratio information available to skins is the video file’s aspect ratio. It’s the aspect ratio including the black bars though and therefore not of much help here.

To 1.) I mean a keyboard short cut.

To 2.) Maybe with a Filename extension?

Add to 2.):

Or restore the original mask after playback…?

You may set a keymap to a skin setting built-in command already. The value that you need to use for this skin setting and the skin setting’s name you’ll find here: SkinSettings.xml

The method of using filenames for skin actions or behaviour tweaks is not favourable at all, tbh. It requires each user to follow specific naming conventions - this should be done by the skin itself.

Question is what ‘original’ would be… The settings are meant to be in place all the time, there’s no fallback really.

I’ll think about a way to maybe implement an optional way of setting the masking aspect ratio via specific filename tags. Not absolutely sure though. Will let you know, if I come up with something convincing that’s as user-friendly and as little intrusive as possible. :+1:t2:

This has been a quick one… I wasn’t comfortable implementing anything like this for all users without any options, but I’ve found a convenient way to add this in an optional manner. If one wishes to let the skin adjust the masking aspect ratio during playback automatically, it will be possible to enable this via a skin setting and a couple of filename tags that I’ll add to the OSM Skin wiki article once implemented:

The set value above this new setting will be the fallback and what’s being used while video playback is not active. Once video playback is active, the skin will look for a tag in the filename and set the masking aspect ratio accordingly. The tags will be in this format: ‘.scope240’, ‘.scope235’, ‘.scope233’, ‘.scope200’. If there’s no tag, the skin will disable masking during video playback. So, tags will only be necessary for videos that are not at a 16:9 aspect ratio.

I hope, this will add exactly what you were looking for, @radschi :+1:t2:

@Chillbo: Wow, is was really fast! :+1: :+1:

I can try it out in the next few days and let you know the result.
One suggestion: There is a software availiable, called “Aspect Ratio Detector”, which can scan all movies to find out the correct ratio and add it to the file name like “_AR240”, “_AR233”… automatically.

You can find it here: https://www.heimkinoverein.de/forum/thread/17504-aspect-ratio-detector-seitenverhältnis-erkennen/
Unfortunately, its a german website, but maybe you can understand it (I am from Austria, so its my first language too).

I want to use this tool to tag all movies with the ratio and then it should be possible to use your new feature without much fiddling with the filenames manually, means if you can change your tag to the same format then this is perfect :wink:

Thank you again for your fast effort.

You could use a renaming utility to change any “_AR240” to “.scope240” quite easily.

I can have a look at that and see what works best. Will also check out how the other rare CIH/scope skins are doing this. Maybe this would be a good approach for other users as well.

I’ve checked the very few other scope skins around and the .AR240. format tag is indeed the most common. If either .AR178., .AR200., .AR233., .AR235. or .AR240. (surrounded by any combination of -, .or _) are present in the file or folder name (and if the automatic masking aspect ratio feature is enabled) the masking aspect ratio will be set automatically. If none of these five tags are present, the masking aspect ratio will rely on the custom value set in the skin settings. After video playback has stopped, the aspect ratio will also fall back to that value.

I’ll push the changes later today. Then you’ll be able to test :slightly_smiling_face:


Renaming is not good because i use another tool which relay also on this naming schema to adjust the lens on my beamer automatically.

Please don’t forget also AR133, i have some older TV-Shows in this old ratio. :flushed:

About testing, it will take some time, because i need to rename all movies with the scanning tool.

This new feature has now been pushed to Git: https://github.com/osmc/skin.osmc/tree/scope

I’m confused now as I’ve adopted the exact format you suggested now. See here. Why would you need renaming now?

The above listed aspect ratios are the ones we support atm - we can’t support all aspect ratios possibly out there, tbh. 1.33:1 is a format which doesn’t need masking, but rather pillar boxing and can otherwise be treated as 16:9 (alias 1.78:1). As it won’t be detected, you simply have to select 1.78:1 masking manually during playback for this aspect ratio. Or you tag it as AR178 which would make a lot more sense IMHO.


Sorry for confusing you, but @darwindesign suggested to use a renaming tool. It was my fault :slightly_frowning_face: to reply to you instead of him.

Your naming schema is allready ok :slight_smile:

And yes, you are right, 1.33:1 has the same height as 16:9 :point_up:

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I’ve slightly reworked this feature again, so please pull the scope skin zip again, if you have downloaded it already. :+1:t2: