OSMC Skin v0.9.1 feedback

As said above -

The top left button on the keyboard will cycle through your choice of layouts.

No! That button doesn’t change this. I am not talking about the screen-keyboard, I am talking about a Microsoft Keyboard connected via USB with the RaspPi. I think there is a way via SSH to change it since it appears to me that OSMC doesn’t load it right. That was my suggestion. Making this editing available in the OSMC Menu.

It was also posted here: [RC][SKIN] Movie Visualization and Episode Preview Image - #8 by HitcherUK

I think I’ll just wait untill it is updated. Looked way better in the previous release :smiley:

This thread is about skin feedback hence the reason I thought that was the problem.

No. I created a new thread where I found 2 bugs, and this thread was merged with this one.

Buffering Feedback. when streaming a video file I’m missing a visual feedback showing the status of a buffering video. Instead it just sits on the screen and does nothing until it is fully buffered.

Love the skin tho!

3D Viewing Options. Missing the option to view a 3D file as 3D or 2D. Also missing is the option to view all 3D movies as 2D on a particular device.

Page Scrolling in File Manager. only single file scrolling. This can be a tedious process to find a folder if you have large file structures.

Also, just an idea, when scrolling through movies and you push left to page scroll, what if you could push left again, or right maybe and jump alphabetically by letter. Not sure if possible or not.

Section Dividers in customized home screen Would be great be able to insert a divider, a space or a line or something to separate Movies, Tv, Music, Etc, from Settings and Power. Would also be great if you could change the font size on those to make them less prominent.

Recent Movies and episodes problem. When Kodi loads up into skin it takes a little bit for the thumbnails in recent episodes and movies to load up when set as a widget. I have submenu items below that but I can’t click to them until the thumbnails load.

All my posts are just thoughts and feedback. I really do love the skin, just some ideas on tweaks I would personally like to see.

Just installed RC, it’s great.

Just one thing, I used alpha 2 and liked the smaller font on the main menu, is the font size customisable?


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Liked where the alpha4 skin was going but disliked the skin in the RC so much that I no longer use the OSMC skin.

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I’ve also stopped using the OSMC skin. It’s a shame because I like the design and how snappy it is, but it has some major drawbacks for me:

  • Lists are too short. Only six or seven items. This means you have to bounce around a lot to see all your video viewing options. Scrolling takes a long time, even using the scroll bar, because a one-click-screenfull is only six items rather than a dozen.
  • The plot summary on the info screen is, to me, illegible. The typeface is too small and there is insufficient contrast. I’m old and senile so I need refer to the plot summary now and then to remind me of what I’m watching.
  • I can’t find a way to make dialog boxes default to “yes”. I delete every TV show after viewing so minimizing the number of clicks needed to do this is important.

I’ll keep checking future releases, but for now I’ve returned to a minimized Back Row as it more closely suits our viewing habits.


Yes, I’ve looked at that, but it doesn’t really suit. Some TV series I keep around, others I delete as episodes are watched.

Right now I’ve got one remote button programmed to “delete”. With Back Row it’s then just a single click to confirm library removal and another click to confirm file deletion.

We’re redesigning the skin, so we will keep this in mind


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I hope you’ll keep the spare look and lack of clutter and just make a few tweaks to make it more friendly. I love the concept of information trumping flash.

The Yes/No dialog should always default to ‘No’ to avoid accidental presses.

Finally received vero so new to this. Apologies if this has been asked:

Is there a setting to show resolution of what I’m watching? When I press info on Kodi on my Mac it shows the resolution. Is this a skin setting that’s not included in the osmc skin?

Personally I love the minimal style of the osmc skin so far. I’ll add some more points of feedback as I play around.