OSMC Skin v0.9.1 feedback

I have a small issue that only occurs when using the OSMC skin, just wanted to make devs aware, not complaining. When using a particular video add-on, after selecting a source to view, an option to select quality appears, [360p], [720p], or [1080p]. When using every other skin I typically use, about 4, I can select up/down arrows to click through options, and select quality. When using the OSMC skin, i can’t seem to click through options, and all sources play at 360p. It could be the remote, (although it operates the same on all other skins), and because of other issues with skin already mentioned by previous posts, I’m assuming that’s where the problem lies. I prefer the OSMC skin, but it’s very easy to switch over to another when needed. Thanks.

My FB on the OSMC skin… Too many menu items!!

MyOSMC opens OSMC settings
Programs includes OSMC settings
Settings is where real settings is…

Could we have ALL the settings stuff under ONE main menu… called Settings (what a revelation)… which opens the Kodi settings AND the OSMC settings.

Then I can remove (let’s call it Hide please, as you can reset and get it back) Favourites, My OSMC, Programs (unless I wanna add some?) and have a small Kiosk menu style of Video, Music, Pictures and Settings

Maybe there is some easy way to do all this but IMHO it should be less “busy” from the start

If you know a good way to patch this in Kodi it would be great. We have wanted to merge all the Settings before for simplicity sake, but it’s not as easy as you may think.


Actually it’s easy to add any type of control to the Settings list as that’s all it is a list with content filled by the skin. :wink:

I’m not sure we’re talking about the same thing.

I’m talking about Settings ->

so that it would be with Appearance, Video, Audio etc.

Hi sam, or other devs… Can you shred som light on whats on the road map? The skin i think is easy on the eyes… I like that… But i do miss more than list forms and and sort order like newly added, by rating and more… Is that comming?

Thanks for a great produkt… Looking forward to using it on my cuboxi1 :wink:


More work on the skin is due


“scroll plot” still seems to not work in RC3.
Is it just me or has this feature not been enabled yet?
There is a setting for it in the skin menu but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Hilighting “scroll plot” and then going to the synopsis of a TV show - still not autoscroll and unable to read the full synopsis.

Just got OSMC (RC3) installed on my RPi 2. Had Raspbmc running fine, using Box skin.

So far, don’t mind much of the changes between skins.

But it seems one thing isn’t working: Using Yahtse remote, it’s “i” button would pull up info on the selected item. But that button doesn’t work with this skin. It’s become a bit of a nuisance, since I am used to using it a lot.

Also, scrolling text doesn’t seem to happen.



Hi @daytooner have you try’d kodi official remote app? it work for me pressing i… can be a Yahtse issue…


Our skin has had a significant rework. I’d like it if you could try it and give it a go. I’ll close this thread, as it’s for the older version of the skin.