OSMC with PCTV 292e

I just bought a Pctv 292e, and I’m trying to set it up on OSMC rpi 2, installed Tvheadend from the app store, but on the webpage, all i see under dvb input, is a folder, which i cant even click, can anyone pls help with this

There is a discussion regarding this tuner already here

@ActionA, thanks. But i cant even get to click on the drop down for DVB input, also i added the firmwares to the /lib/firmware/ folder. And since OSMC was built on 3.18, which means the drivers should be available by default

OSMC is built on 3.14:

@phate1, Do you know how to go about the backporting process? or recompiling the drivers

@deetu no unfortunately not yet, my stick is due to arrive on Monday between now and then I plan on doing allot of reading. Im sure with the expertise on this forum a solution will be sorted for this stick soon.

@phate1, i hope so too, because my stick came in today and i had done alot of research before deciding to pick it

OSMC kernel varies per-platform. Your post does not even inform me on what device you are using.


@sam_nazarko @deetu is using a rpi 2, im running a vero

so the vero uses 3.14 im guessing from the other thread, what does the rpi2 use ?

looking into building the drivers for this stick i have come across this process:

as the stick was added to this git last year:

and the firmware i saw linked to this was here:


sam can you confirm this process is the sort of thing you were talking about when you mentioned building / backporting the driver?

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put an image of the vero’s sd card away for safe keeping and started looking into the above process (whats the worst that could happen :smile: )

so I have all the the pre-req’s of the guide other than the kernel source / headers

I haven’t been able to get anything via apt-get and seems on raspbmc you had an option on the raspbmc setting or by creating a file with touch in the home directory named .kernelheaders, unfortunately neither of these seemed to help.

@sam_nazarko, i specified the platform, i think its just an issue with the OS kernel version as mentioned by other members. Do we get to have an update soon for this? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :smile: Or is it possible to just update the kernel to 3.18?

It doesn’t quite work like that I’m afraid, there’s a lot of work in enabling a kernel to run on a device, so we cannot just jump ahead.

That said, it would likely build out of tree without issue in the fashion @phate1 described, however the only issue would be having to rebuild it every time the kernel is upgraded.


Sound like the above is our best bet at the moment the only thing stopping me trying it out at the moment is I cant find a way to install kernel headers or source @sam_nazarko can you advise how I can do it

Once I have made it through the process once I’ll try and write up a how to step by step like it if works hopefully make it easier for others.

Is there any other methods to make this a more permanent thing or is it just we will have to rebuild with this stick until the vero starts using a later kernel some time down the line?


See Wiki - OSMC

DKMS could make it more permanent. That rebuilds modules whenever a new kernel is installed.


Perfect thanks, goto play easter bunny today so will give it a go later tonight or tommorow and will report back how it goes

Not heared of DKMS but I’ll read up on that aswell


Thanks everyone, Im trying out the link from @phate1, but i got this error.
Preparing to compile for kernel version 3.18.9
File not found: /lib/modules/3.18.9-5-osmc/build/.config at ./scripts/make_kconfig.pl line 33, line 4.
Makefile:366: recipe for target ‘allyesconfig’ failed

I think im pretty close now

Looking at your output it’s referring to 3.18 maybe the rpi2 osmc is already running 3.18?
@sam_nazarko what kernel does rpi2 use?

Thats the output of uname -r on my rpi 2 (3.18.9-5-osmc
), but i think the kernel version is actually 3.14. I have been able to install the tv card on my server at home, all i did was upgrade the kernel to 3.18, which includes all mthe drivers.Sso i followed the dkms link to install ,the corresponding header, not much luck though and that was the output of the build process

The Pi 2 uses 3.18.y

@sam_nazarko, but you posted earlier that its 3.14, maybe im mixing something up here