OSMC's August update arrives with Kodi 15.1

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Hi everyone, Team Kodi have released an update to their Isengard release, 15.1, which fixes a number of issues and we’ve been working hard to refine things as well. This release of OSMC should prove to be very stable. Recent downtime Unfortunately our website was inaccessible for a few days last week. This was due…


Great work!

I’m curious - In what way is the sad face improved (seeing as I hopefully won’t be seeing it :wink: )?


You can see the new sad face here:

As an aside, we found that a hack I had introduced to get more Python addon performance was actually responsible for a fair few crashes. This has been removed, and hopefully, as a result, you’ll see that face a lot less often!


Cute, I like it! (I want i talking, why not Oh Shoot / Shucks / Snap (/ Shit), Me Crash! (OSMC))

The decision to not display any text is intentional. When we improve our multi language support, we would like a language independent way of displaying an error.


strange error message while trying to apply the august update (the july upadate has been already applied).


It appears you have made some quite invasive changes to your system. Unfortunately I had some trouble reading your logs as they are partly in German.

This thread will get very crowded soon, so I recommend you start a new thread for this issue so we can look more closely.

It would help if you could run the following commands and paste any output on paste.osmc.io and include it in your new thread:

sudo -s
export LANG=C
apt-get update
apt-get -f install
apt-get dist-upgrade

Edit: it looks extremely broken. I would start fresh.

Lol, I saw the sad face for the very first time after this update which was supposed to reduce the sad faces :slight_smile: Just saying.

Is this still persisting or are things OK now?

There seems to be an issue upgrading between Kodi versions. We’re looking in to it.


Update worked for me on Raspberry Pi B+.

When OSMC will be ready for i.MX6 platforms?


Looks good for now.

Thanks for the new update!
Any news on how Cubox support is progressing?
I am considering to sell my Cubox and get a RPi2. What a big failure of Solidrun. Not even Archlinux can be installed now (it could be installed in the past) so you are stuck with OpenElec which is a waste of the fast hardware.

I love the design, fact it has Bluetooth, WiFi and eSata. Could potentially add support for BT streaming-to-my-soundsystem. But being stuck with OE with no prospect sucks.

Support for Cubox this is what I’m waiting for. Any news?

28 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
Need to get 81.8 MB of archives.
After this operation, 162 MB of additional disk space will be used.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n] Y

Wow 162MB additional diskspace? What makes Kodi 15 so much bigger?

Also, I got an error in OSMC: script parent.py failed so I am using command line update.

Anybody else having the same issue I am having. Certain menus not working, just displaying black screens. I also get a black background vs the blue. Is this a change in the upgrade or did something go wrong with my install?

Upgrade Issue

@sam_nazarko: you were right, i recovered from a backup (disk image) that i made about 1 month ago, i don t know what happened but somehow the system was messed up while applying the july update. now i applied the backup from august directly an everything went smooth, system is up and running and the package manager works correctly.

greetings, bendsch.

After trying to update, a screen flashes during the update saying “OSMC Update Error - Error installing: armv7-remote-osmc (1.1.6)”

This may have to do with another issue I am having which I brought up here (I included a log file): Skin shortcuts error after update

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Looks like Kodi 15.1 eats a lot of CPU? More than 40% on my Pi B+ while Kodi 15.0 needed only less than 20% for the same task :frowning:
(Kodi theme : Bello)

I was reluctant to update this time seeing as I used a week on last months update getting all my addons working.
So learning from my experience I made an image file of the sd card before I downloaded the update. Turns out this wasn’t neccessary this time. Phew.
All is working, and all is good :stuck_out_tongue: