OSMC's August update is here

OSMC's August update is here. We hope you're having a great Summer holiday and we released this update to make sure your OSMC viewing experience remains in tip-top shape. We will soon be working on Kodi Krypton builds for all platforms now that Team Kodi have announced the first beta.

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Thanks sam for including the memory leak fix. Osmc is getting greater every day cheers :smile:

updated and now it’s …FUBAR
All I get is a black screen, dont even get the usual boot screen messages showing what’s being loaded.
After downloading I walked away after it got to 52% installing and came back to the black screen.
Tried waiting and reboots, it is powered through to my usb hub but there’s no response to keyboard.
Other than the black screen the only other symptom is on boot/attempt the keyboard flashes 3 times rapidly.

You should start a new forum post for this.

You didn’t provide any log, or even tell us what device you’re running OSMC on, which limits our ability to provide any insight in to your problem.

Hi Sam

Did the August update include the hidden animation change that popcornmix recently changed?

change !IsVisibleFromSkin to IsVisibleFromSkin

Because im noticing a few animations not working in the aeon mq7 skin since the update, and some addons are not opening.

Is there way i can temporarily revert IsVisibleFromSkin change to see if this is the cause?

Heres link for further reference



No – backports for Pi wasn’t updated in some time, so this commit won’t be present. Make sure your system is fully up to date and if the problems persist start a new forum post.

Thanks Sam

There was another update after the first. This resolved the issue.


Hi Sam, after today’s update my Videos, Music and Images Add-ons disapeared from the respective Add-ons lists (Videos Add-ons: empty, Music Add-ons: empty, Images Add-ons; empty), my Programs Add-ons are still there and working, but the rest of the Add-ons just vanished.
The strange thing is that all Add-ons (including VĂ­deo, Music and Images) are still on Settings/Add-ons/my Add-ons and they are Enabled.
I have rebooted and have shutdown my system a few times but that didn’t work.
Can you help me restore my Add-ons?

Problem solved, made the second update and now everything appears to be ok.
Thank’s for this great software Sam.


@sam_nazarko can you tell me more about “Added support for CEC builtins to Kodi so that add-ons can use and query CEC capabilities”. Some doc? Or link to GH commit?

These were meant to be included in Jarvis already, but an upstream commit removed them by accident. We simply re-added them.


Hi Sam,

Seems my remote now does not work after the August update? I have seen this happen and have posted about it here before:

Have tried the power cycle and it doesn’t see the remote still,

Will I just rebuild OSMC again?

Which remote do you have? I haven’t changed eventlircd or LIRC at all in this update, so double check your configuration in My OSMC -> Remotes.

Edit: I see you’re referring to CEC (detail is important ;)). I haven’t updated libCEC either, so you probably just need to power down your TV for a while and other equipment. For some devices, this is the only way to resolve CEC problems.

Its a Sony remote for its 48 inch Bravia 48W705c TV

OK I will try that

:disappointed: Another month waiting time for Kodi 17 since it’s in beta currently.

Sounds great. Is there a thread explaining how to switch to a test build and especially how to revert back?
I’m always afraid of switching to a test build 'cause I fear it could break something or I can’t revert back to stable build.

Did you search?

If you are worried about this, you should just wait for the stable version. There are a fair few changes so it won’t be trivial to downgrade

Actually yes, I did. I have a vero2. Is it the same command to install a test build?

  • I can’t find info to downdrade to stable if I want to.
    But yeah, as sam sated I guess I’ll just wait.

Downgrade info is covered a few times in that post, but I can’t guarantee a smooth downgrade, as a lot of other packages will change too. It’s not a scenario that we claim to support.

That post is for Pi builds only.