OSMC's December update is here

First, update for me since October well-done fellows. Vero 4K + owner.

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Will there be new disk images with this new version?

Yes, just like after every other monthly update.

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The images should be ready in a couple of days

First of all, thanks for the great support.

Question: I’ve got an LG C8, but don’t have any problems anymore playing 4K HDR content and I didn’t touch this new setting. Should I leave it this way or is it just me that I don’t see the issue that’s being fixed by this new setting?

If it ain’t broke… :slight_smile:


Forgive me asking this could be newbish question. Was following al the issues surrounding LG’s and HDR but some of it seems just didnt seem to stick. As I understanded and to put in laymans terms there is/was an issue with LG’s and 420 content, where LG just wants 422. So an option has been added to enforce 422 even though the color sampling of the source is 420.

Im curious what this effectivly mean for the content im displaying? So for the go to format for the available content is 420. Does forcing this to 422 affect the content? Any additional artifects? Flickering? Just a bit curious towards the effect of forcing 420 content into 422.

Before 4K was introduced, subsampling of 420 was not allowed by HDMI at all. But Blu-rays and UHD BDs are all encoded with 420 color subsampling normally. So, forcing 422 or 444 output has been the norm for years already. Have you seen any difference?

Not yet, only saw the update on the forum today and havent received a notification from the vero yet to update, maybe I have auto update disabled not sure. But will check tonight and run the update.

Thanks for your quick answer! After my posts started to googling some more about 420/422 which confirms what you already were saying. Never knew all the content we all watch and have been watching was per default in 420, and our devices have already been responsible for the convertion to 422 or 444. Funny, never new this.

Even DVDs are 420.

Just wanted to say, 4K (including HDR) seems to be working fine for me with my Yamaha RX-V3070 and Samsung KS9000 on this latest update.


I’m watching 1080p Movies and sience the Update, I have really big problems ins black scenes,
There are no black detail anymore. Nothing has changed, only the Update on my Vero 4K+.

What can I do ?

Create a new, appropriately titled thread that includes useful diagnostic info (logs), so that your issue can be looked into (and not clog up the release announcement thread). Thanks

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How about that limit color space in settings? (not sure about what’s exact name as I don’t have it in front of me, but disabling that = black is black, not Grey on my OLED :smirk:)

Just FYI, the October update had introduced a serious playback bug into my setup (Vero 4k into a Pioneer A/V receiver and then into a 2k TV). After the first couple of files were played, the player would start another and then drop video just a few seconds into playback.
After a lot of playing around, I realized that a reboot of the Vero would clear the issue up (until it came up again after the first few files were played).

The December update has fixed the issue (yay!).


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I’ve not updated for a few months as mines been working fine. I had a problem with banding which was fixed with a hot fix. If I update to the newest version does it over write the hot fix?

Depends which hotfix, but probably yes.

I don’t thinks this is a correct thread to do this question… sorry me in advance :slight_smile:

My question it’s about kodi 18 arrived to stable version after so many RC… i know exist a testing build but my question it’s:
When kodi 18 it’s be moved to stable image of osmc ? Sooner or later it will happen right ?

Use search, please: Kodi 18 Released

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