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We've been very busy behind the scenes and we're now happy to announce the availability Kodi v20 for all OSMC supported devices. All devices supported by OSMC on Kodi v19 remain supported for Kodi v20. It took time and effort to release this update as a stable release and ensure that the user experiences stays at the high level that you would expect from OSMC.

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A functionality disappeared after the update: if I look at the information for a Movie (context menu > Information), no longer is Cast shown. Instead, I see only Plot and Director. Is this a bug in the OSMC skin?

Thanks for the report.

This might be one for @Chillbo



It’s not a general OSMC Skin bug, I’m afraid:

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Looking forward to summer!

Does this new release also bring any changes related to CEC handling or have there been no updates on that issue?

Minor thing: when you go into the whitelist settings and the list of supported resolutions, there seem to be a lot of duplicate resolutions in the list. Could be this is because it’s not distinguishing between 2D, SBS, TAB, and FP modes, maybe?

Hi, I’ve just updated; I’m using the OSMC skin and I’m seeing the Cast button.

What I’m missing is the Play button (as on your picture).
This has a major impact on my way of viewing movies:

  1. How do I play the movie when I’m on this screen?
    The play button on the remote doesn’t do anything.

  2. I’m using the software remote Yatse on a couple of my Veros and I used to start the movie from this screen, selecting the Play button and clicking Enter on the remote.
    I’m not able to do this anymore so I cannot start a movie anymore using the software remote.

Is it planned to add the Play button back?

Many thanks in advance for you support!

First of all I would like to thank you for the new update and for the work you are doing. Unfortunately, I have a significant problem with the new version. After the update, the Sledovanitv.cz client (Sledovanitv.cz Client (unofficial) | Nexus | Addons) disappeared from the PVR client list. Is this a bug or is the client just hidden somewhere?

Sure - any changes to CEC in Kodi v20 would also have been included

It’s not a general OSMC Skin bug, I’m afraid:

Indeed, if I switch to the Estuary theme supplied with Kodi and open a Movie’s information screen, it now says “Cast not available” for every film. How can I supply debugging information that would help? The kodi.log file says nothing about Cast.

I just updated my Rpi4 and I’ve lost all entries for movies and tv shows.
Also, when I go to the video files to play the items, I get a frown face. That’s for 4k movies as well as DVD.
Here are the edited logs.
Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Obviously you made a backup before a major update

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Thanks a lot for all the work!

One minor issue that maybe slipped or maybe a kodi regression: After the update, on every tv show subtitles are not shown by default. I need to navigate in the player to subtitles → enable subtitles.

So far, on every video, no matter if I click the “Set as default for all media” or not. I need to manually enable them on each tv show I play.


This sounds like a potentially corrupted library database.

It would be good to see logs so we could see if the setting was actually being set. I’d also check your language preference to make sure it is set. Also you can keymap a shortcut to make the process a bit quicker and easier. If your using an OSMC remote it is programed such that during playback holding down the play button cycles them on or off and holding down the stop button brings up the selection menu.

Just so you know as you start troubleshooting, this isn’t a general issue with Kodi. I upgraded and have the cast.

I’d suggest starting another thread and capture a log with debugging enabled. It might also be worth refreshing the movie. It’s possible there was an issue with the DB upgrade and the cast got lost.

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So nice, updated to 20.1 yesterday and the newer version of youtube addon works well. There are a few errors with some addons not having an updated their schema (universal-scraper is one) but other than that all works fine.

Thanks OSMC team for testing and then rolling out the update.


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