OSMC's March update is here with Kodi v19.4 - OSMC

We're happy to release OSMC's March update, our first update of 2022. This has a number of improvements and bug fixes. We had planned to release an update the end of January -- but decided to hold off until we could release a more substantial update, as there will be a delay in getting the next significant changes out.

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Update went fine and watching something on it now. Thank you!

Could you elaborate?

Thanks !! Not yet “RPi4 support for 10/12bit video output” ?

Not at this time.

Can I ask a stupid question? Apologies in advance

I have a 4K+ and am still on the Nov 2020 update from before. I was kind of waiting to see how this new version of Kodi is stability wise… should I update?


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You should always keep your system up to date. We are regularly improving the software on your device and you should take advantage of this.



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Thanks for the update Sam & Team Members.
Unless I’m missing something support for Pi Zero2W is still not clear in the installer downloaded today. The text in the selection box is truncated. Selecting Pi Zero as the target shows 2020.11-1 as the most up to date version available. Is this correct or is the Pi Zero2W not able to benefit from this latest update?

It usually takes a day or two for new images to be made available.

Thanks will loop back in a few days.

The images are already available.

Select Pi 2 / Pi 3. I’ll update the strings shortly. What OS are you running the installer on?

Thanks Win 10 64 bit

Installed and working. I take it this isn’t the update you had mentioned that would improve Raspberry Pi interlacing with hardware-acceleration, is it? It still seems disabled with every setting I try except hardware acceleration turned off, which is nearly unwatchable. Hoping someday (soon?) to once again have smooth, clear video on my OTA TV channels. Until then, I’ll just have to choose between jittery and clear, or blurry and smooth, which is so annoying.

No - that will come later.


This is most probably the question you were expecting! Booting from HD/SSD via USB?

Ok. Thank you! Looking forward to it

Change NFS timeout from five seconds to thirty seconds to improve likelihood of successfully connecting to an NFS share configured within Kodi

Dear Sam, many thanks for this!!

Best support ever!

I’m glad this is useful to you. This behaviour is actually changed in Kodi v20 (Nexus) but wasn’t backported to Kodi Matrix.

Please tell me this includes the magnificent RM-VLZ620?