OSMC's October update is here with Debian Buster and Kodi 18.8 - OSMC

My osmc and kodi on rapsberry pi 3b+ stopped working after today update :frowning: After the OSMC splash screen, my Weather screen went completely broken, cant SSH to osmc at all. Then it became irresponsive. It was working fine before the update.

Suggest to open a new thread. But might be related to a broken SD Card.

So the update can break the SD card? Just trying to understand the root problem here

Well SD cards can break anytime. But the update writes significant data >400M onto the card and therefore can trigger a break.
Surely there are also other possibilities depending on the packages installed but as by now I guess we have many people updated to this version without an issue it is quite likely something like that.

I could confirm that the SD card is probably broken. After several restarting attempt, it now fails to boot up. Is there a way to still clone the SD card to another one or should I do fresh install on a new one?
Thanks for the help!

Doesn’t sound likely but doesn’t harm to try to make a full image of it.

Suggest to use a new card and test it with h2testw before.

Thank you! PSA: back up your device and consider upgrading your SD card before the update!

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Often, SD cards just go read-only so if you can mount it on a (linux) device that’s running properly you might well be able to recover stuff.

I have to stay on 18.6 with 4.9 kernel to keep MVC 3D, correct?

Well it’s generally nice to have a backup, regardless of upgrades :wink:

No, if you updated to the latest 4.9 + the October update you will have 3D playing fine

It doesn’t do anything on the raspberry pi 4
Will there be a fresh image available for the raspberry pi 4?

Yours sincerely.

Osmc does not support pi 4 at this time

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Nein, läuft bei mir wie gewohnt Tobi.

Upgrade process with no issues on my 2 Vero4k+ devices. But directly after first reboot there is sad face in loop. So trying to stop mediacenter service and restart it even with a clean .kodi but no change and no errors in logs.

Without logs we have no way of helping you rectify this. I would suggest posting the url supplied as the output of…

grab-logs -A


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I think you need to either remove x11 or do the updates outlined in this thread…

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The update for me went smoothly on my Vero 4k, I’m glad the team took the time to work on this update and will be looking forward for the next one in the future.

I have performed the updates. Now im in a sad smiley and reboot loop, a proper start is now no longer possible :frowning:

I can access the log: https://pastebin.com/D1zXF8KC

Please upload full logs via grab-logs -A and share the URL