Play content from another multimedia

Please confirm mediainfo has been installed via the following command:

sudo apt-get install mediainfo

Thanks Tom.

Hi. It seems that if it is installed, right?


If you run the command without:

| paste-log


mediainfo PacificRim2.mkv

Do you get any out put to the screen.

It needs to run from the usb folder.

Thanks Tom.

Mediainfo does not show information with files larger than 2 GB. I’ve tried with a 2GB and if that shows me. the pacificrim2 are 65gb and I get it blank. my mediainfo version is 0.7.91


That’s because debian ships with libzen0 0.4.34, which unfortunately doesn’t support larger than 2gbs with mediainfo. Couple of choices in the mean time:

  • Produce a snippet of pacific rim which is smaller than 2GBs

  • Try a different 4k movie and see if you can reproduce, pacific rim may have a dodgy encode.

Thanks Tom.

Nice find. That’s another reason why we are working on a new solution for MediaInfo for users.


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then I will wait. Thank you

Hello! After trying the improbable.
I reset to factory the vero 4K. I reconfigured NFS servers. Activate the options indicated above in the thread for both image and sound and also change the HDMI cables to a new 2.0.

It seems that now the image is already seen. At last! The problem is that it is still stopping. Leaving the notification of “Loading”.
Although I solve it by pressing the pause for a few seconds and giving back to the play.

On the other hand I would like to know if this VERO 4K has support for HDR10 +.
Yesterday I visualized the movie “Ready ONE Player” with this format. But on my TV (Compatible) I only saw the HDR notification instead of of HDR10 +.


HDR10+ support isn’t added just yet


(edit: meant 10+, 10 is supported)

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Hi. to not open a new post. I would like to know one thing.
How do I know when Vero is updated? I have never seen type notifications … “There is a new update” or something similar. I’ve always liked to know if there are updates and know their improvements.

Thank you!

You will see a message telling you updates are available. See Keeping your OSMC system up to date - General - OSMC

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Hi. 4 days ago my Osmc was updated to a new version after asking me if I wanted to update.
How can I know what improvements this update brings?

By the time the official version 18?

Thank you.

That is all explained in the blog entry.

Not 100% sure what you ask. Currently v18 is only available via a testing thread. A stable release is not expected anytime soon.

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Always check for the latest updates.

For the official version of Kodi v18. Quite fast after the Kodi team releases the official version so you’ll have to ask those guys when they plan to release it. It probably won’t be this year.
Sam just announced an “official” beta release recently and there are unofficial builds. Just check the forum.

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okay. Thank you very much! to the two to answer.

One more thing. What differentiates the vero 4k from vero 4k +?

Thank you!!

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Hello. now I have come out an icon “update available” but I don’t know how to upgrade.
I can help?


My OSMC -> Updates -> Manual Controls -> Install updates

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Very thanks!

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