Playback issues Vero 4K+ on new device

So after having previous issues with stuttering audio in 4K HDR videos and then my device becoming completely unusable, I received a new Vero 4K+ device through warranty.

But it seems I’m back to the first issue again. Playing 4K HDR files with TrueHD audio gives me small stutters once every couple of seconds. 1080p files play without issue it seems, at least so far. Adjust display refresh rate is set to start/stop, and I whitelisted the correct 1080p and 4K resolutions. When I previously had this issue the problem just all of a sudden went away while having my current settings. But so far this isn’t happening.

The stutters are also not the only issue unfortunately. Every 10-20seconds or so, my TV (LG C7) re-enables HDR mode, with a black screen showing for a second or two and the HDR mode icon showing in the top right corner. Then it happens again after 10 or 20 seconds.

My setup is: vero is connected through HDMI to my soundbar. The soundbar then passes through 4K and HDR video to my LG C7 also through an HDMI cable. I already tried other cables, but this is giving me the same issue. And my soundbar can ofcourse passthrough 4K HDR videofiles.

Here is my logfile of the problems happening while playing 4K HDR video:

How can I fix this so I get smooth playback like before?

As @sam_nazarko indicated to you in your previous thread for TrueHD this is expected as there is still an upstream bug open for that.

I just checked, but the same issues happen when I play a 4K HDR video with ac3 5.1 audio. The stutter is still happeniong, as well as the constant HDR mode re-enabling. Plus it was working fine on the same setup previously.

Does it happen without the Soundbar in the middle?

I’ll be testing it tomorrow :slight_smile:

I tested with a bunch of different setups, with and without soundbar and with multiple hdmi cables. But it seemed that 1 of the 2 hdmi cables I was using (the one between the Vero and the soundbar) was always giving playback problems when used. When I replaced that one with the hdmi cable from my Xbox, 4K HDR videos played without issues. I bought a new certified hdmi 4k cable from Sharkoon and so far everything is playing without issues.

Really weird since the other hdmi cable between the soundbar and the TV is exactly the same as the one that was giving me issues, but that one works perfectly. And the faulty hdmi cable also worked perfectly just a few weeks ago and only started giving issues when the new Vero device arrived under warranty.

Out of curiosity, what soundbar do you have?

Sony HT-ST5000.
The sound is really incredible for a soundbar, especially with TrueHD audio.

Cool, I have the same one and an LG C9! How long does it take you from you press play until the video appears on your TV? Not too long ago the wait time increased significantly on my setup and now it takes about 5 seconds when pressing play or stop.

I think it takes about 2-3 seconds or so. You are talking about starting a movie from the main kodi screen right? And not pausing it during playback.
It’s probably because of the ‘adjust display refresh rate’ setting, which should be set to start/stop. That way the screen switches to the framerate of the video content you’re trying to play so it plays smoothly.

Yes, starting from the main Kodi screen until the TV displays anything or stopping a movie until the TV displays the main Kodi screen. Used to be about 2-3 seconds for me as well with the adjust display refresh rate setting but now it’s 8-9 seconds instead. It takes so long that the TV shows the “no signal” screen.

In any case, it’s nice to know that it works for you. Are you on the Kodi Matrix version or still on the stable build?

I’m on the newest Matrix build, but I don’t know if that’s a fix to your problem.