Problems with profiles

Dear all, i have just downloaded osmc with kodi and started with it. now i wanted to set up profiles.
one for adult movies and one for children movies. i skipped the password setting or other limitations. i only definied the profiles and added than an nfs export from a server. i have two of them one for children movies and one for adult movies. now when i add the source and set library everything is fine. when i now switch to the other profile and add the other nfs export it is also added to the previous and when i make a clean up library it ask for removing the “wrong” one, but than everything is removed even the “right” ones. and then the games starts again.
Could please somebody help me, what i am doing wrong?
best regards,

Just an idea: When you created the profiles for the kids, did you specify that this profile gets its own meta database and its own sources? It should be the default

yes, i did.
did you had the chance to test it on your side?

Yes, created two shares on a Synology DS214se namely “adult” and “children”, configured appropriate NFS access.

On a Vero4k created a second profile named “kids” and added to the master profile the adult video source and to the kids profile the children video source. Placed a video into each share and both are handled and displayed independly from each other profile.

To be sure look at file


it should have entries


for both/all profile ids.
I’m running out of ideas if you do not find the root cause there.

i will take a look, the only difference you have i created two new profiles one children and one adults (in addition to the master user) and i have a central database on a different server (i forgot to mention this in the previous description) let me check the xml content and if it is working with the master user.

Ok, i took a look to the profiles.xml and it looks good, as you described.
but than i wanted to reproduce your scenario and i found something strange. i have added a new profile and when i went to my movie library there are already movies recently added etc. so it seems like i dont start with a real new empty database. when i took a look to sources there is nothing added. when i click to clean library i assume there is the message “… source is not available should it be deleted…” or similar, and than i can delete it, but this deletes than also again this sources from the other profile and we have the initial problem.
is there a possibility to do further investigations?

That is the database that will be used for all profiles. You’d have to create a separate database for each profile. Or you could keep the single database and use smart playlists for each profile.

how can i create via kodi for every profile a own database?

ah you mean in every profiles setting a new database setting with an own mysql user etc?

Yes. You’d have to have something like user1_myvideos, user2_myvideos etc.

and than change the mysql setting in myosmc for every profile? but than i assume restarting kodi that it is initializing them?

You got it. And then when you add new content you have to scan it into each profile.

I don’t remember for sure. but you may have to create an empty database on the server first.

i will try

no, didnt worked. the mysql setting seems to be global. when i change it in the new profile it is changed also in the other profile. and i have exaclty the same behaviour as before when i am adding new sources and cleaning the library up.
i hope you have some additional ideas.

Did you add the database manually in advancedsettings for the new profile?

no, via the myosmc dialogue.

i took a look to the advancedsettings file and my changes are there.

Did you restart Kodi after making the change? I’ve never tried using 2 different MySQL databases, so maybe it’s not properly supported :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

do you think it would work with a local database? i mean it seems that it worked somehow on JimKnopf side.

I think it works with local databases. It can’t hurt to try.