[RC] Network (both wired and wireless) not working after updating

I’ve been using OSMC Alpha 4 on my Pi 2 for a while and I’ve just updated to the RC.

My wifi dongle is an Asus USB-N10 Nano Wireless N150 (this one) and it was working just fine with Alpha 4 - all I had to do was enable wifi in connman after installing the OS and then it was good to go. Now I have updated and I filled in the wifi SSID and password when going through the installer, but when I load up OSMC on my Pi it just doesn’t have wireless connections as an option - in the network settings I can only see the wired connections option. Additionally, the light on the dongle isn’t coming on or blinking at all.

I would open up a terminal and do the same connman activation as I did previously, but I don’t have a keyboard at home at the moment and won’t have one available for a day or two (I’ve been using my phone as the keyboard when I’ve needed one on Alpha 4, but that won’t work until I can get my Pi on the network). Would that be all I need to do? Or is there a way to switch on the wireless capabilities in another way?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

I also tried connecting my Pi to the router directly and when I open up the network settings in OSMC it gives me a “No wired connection” status when the wired adapter is enabled even though the lights on the ethernet port are coming on.

Kind of at a loss here :frowning:

Reinstalled OSMC and no change at first, but now it allows me to configure the wired connection manually (because auto-configure using DHCP assigns a weird IP address and doesn’t work at all), which I do and after setting to the IP range for my local network with the correct gateway, I can ping it from my Mac, but I can’t SSH into it (even though the SSH service is active). The ping sometimes fails though with this message:

Request timeout for icmp_seq 8

Additionally the network status usually just says ‘not connected’, but will occassionally flip to ‘busy’ and then sometimes ‘connected’, but even when it says ‘connected’ I can’t SSH into it. It all seems rather inconsistent.

Do you see a coloured square flash up in the top right corner by any chance ?

The symptoms you describe where the network intermittently fails (especially Ethernet loosing the link altogether) are classic symptoms of low voltage - the USB hub and Ethernet controller are usually the first to malfunction when the voltage is too low as they run directly from the 5v rail, and because the Ethernet controller connects via the USB controller if the USB controller malfunctions so does your Ethernet.

What USB devices do you have connected and what power supply are you using ? Are you overclocking at all ?

I have a Pi B, a B+ and a Pi 2, and of the three I find my Pi 2 is the most demanding/fussy regarding the power supply, I have had issues with freezes/crashes and intermittent loss of Ethernet (ping stops working for 20 seconds at a time) on power supplies that work fine with my older Pi’s and especially so if I try to use the Turbo overclock.

With a good power supply and default clock speed (900) I no longer see these issues.

@DBMandrake I have a 5V 2A power supply and I have switched on the usb_max_current setting (not that it has made any difference). I used to have power issues (particularly related to wifi connectivity) on Alpha 4 until I moved to the new power supply. I normally have a 2TB USB HDD connected, but these issues are happening whether that is connected or not. This is a fresh installation with no overclocking and the only USB device is the wifi dongle.

Basically - I don’t think this is a power issue as I never had this problem with Alpha 4 on the same device.

I now have a USB keyboard and I’ve got to the command prompt. I then follow these instructions for activating the wifi, but when I type in technologies it doesn’t list wifi as an option. Then typing enable wifi give me this error message:

Error wifi: Method "SetProperty" with signature "sv" on interface "net.connman.Technology" doesn't exist

It looks like that means that OSMC doesn’t have drivers for my wifi dongle, which is weird because this was working just fine on Alpha 4. The dongle is listed (product, manufacturer and serial number) when I type in dmesg, so altogether I’m not sure what that means.

Any help? :smile: