Shutdown Vero 4K via Kodi Shutdown - but how to turn on?

Dear all. I have tried to shut down the Vero 4k via the shutdown function within OSMC. It works fine (red front LED). But I have no Idea how to turn on the Vero 4K. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.

As of now the Vero (as most other Media Centers) is designed to run 24x7 and not to be shutdown.
As of now you only can start it by unplug/plug the power supply

Ok understand. Thank you.

It is possible to power off KODI e.g. OSMC. Then Vero 4K goes to sleep (red LED). But why there is no possibility to power on the Vero 4k also with the remote? Tor this I have to pull the power cable. It woul be great to get a chance to power of and power on the Vero 4k with the remote.

no need to open feature request. @sam_nazarko know that some users have the desire to turn off/on the device and he may make it happen in the future if technically possible.

Is wake-on-lan a possibility? (Out of the box, this doesn’t seem to work, but before tinkering with lan module settings, I thought trying to ask here…)

I just bought the Vero 4K and I have a bit of trouble adapting to the fact that the device is 24/7 turned on as I previously depended on turning on the media center (using wake-on-lan with the Yatse remote app) which in turn turned on the TV and AVR so I could use it without ever touching my TV or AVR remotes. Also by turning off Kodi, TV and AVR are turned off by CEC, which I currently can’t due to the fact that the Vero isn’t meant to be shut down.
In my case making Kodi send CEC standby when going into screen-saver mode and sending CEC Activate when a key is pressed to deactivate the screen-saver solves half of the problem as I can wake everything back up by pressing a button on the remote. But I still would like to be able to turn everything off immediately by my request from within Kodi, which currently only seems possible by shutting down the device.

So actually 2 questions:

  • Would wake-on-lan work to turn on the Vero 4K
  • Is there a way to add a custom power menu-action or to remap the power-off action in Kodi to send a CEC Standby event (or maybe even better to immediately activate the screen-saver, implicitly causing a CEC standby event to be sent and be ready to send a CEC activate upon a subsequent remote button press) ?

You can always buy a wireless remote control like this one if you want to turn it off. I have used that before on my RPi but i will let my Vero 4K be running 24/7 because i always listen to web radio when i’m not watching movies/TV.

Thanks Tom_Doyle. I should have found that myself… :blush:

Meanwhile I found out how to remap the Home button on the OSMC remote to CECToggleState in at least the home screen and login screen as the button there seems to have no function and is placed in the exact spot of the osmc remote where you would expect a power button. This way I can simulate a “power off/on” action which makes me feel comfortable enough to not have the device actually turn off / on…

I added a file ~/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/cectoggle.xml with this content:


@sam_nazarko: This may also be a nice suggestion to implement as an option to manually enable/disable using MyOSMC ?

I also would like the option of turning the box On with the remote. My wife does not like electronics being left on 24/7.
Also, the vast majority of electronics can be turned On & Off with their remotes. If this can be implemented into the Vero 4K, then it becomes more ‘household/mainstream’ friendly. Future buyers may be put off having to leave it on 24/7. Having to go behind all my Home Theater equipment, to reach my power-boards to switch it every night and again in the morning, is a right pain in the butt.

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In reality, they’re not turned off, but have instead gone into a lower-power “standby” state but are still switched on and continually using power. I’m betting that the always-on Vero 4K is probably consuming no more power (and possibly less) than your TV is while in standby mode.

If you check out this page, you might be surprised by how much power some appliances, eg set-top boxes, consume while ostensibly in “standby” mode.

We can create a fake standby mode, but that’s all it would be. I don’t think we would be able to significantly reduce power consumption, but it may please users to think their device is off as it would be more in line with other devices


When my wife sees the Red light, she is happy. I will be happy if a button press turns the Red light Blue and I can use it as normal. That way, it’s a Win Win all round :slight_smile:

Used the wrong word there, I should have said “standby”. Have opened your link in another tab to read tomorrow as it is way past my bedtime, nite nite.

You could switch off Kodi, since it’s generally the biggest CPU load. Disabling graphical output might also help. Overall savings are still likely to be an insignificant part of what is already a very small power load.

providing “feature” to turn off the device but not providing “feature” to turn it on again is just bad design and there is no excuse. If it is designed to be powered on 24/7 then there should be no possibility to turn it of from kodi. But why not provide such a feature ? Is it hard to make power on from the remote ? no it isn’t just simple arduino board could make it work (reset the main CPU when power button is pressed on the remote).

Not quite.
Because if a user wants to turn it off; move it to another room or unplug it; they need to shut it down safely first. That’s why the power off feature is there.

Sure – but the Vero 4K isn’t an Arduino. We can add the ability to wake up the device from standby from IR and from CEC even; but it’s not possible to listen for wakeup events via the USB (RF) remote, and this is the remote that almost all of our users use on this device.

We tried that – power saving was less than 0.2W, but startup time was quite slow (had to resume system state; reboot).

well, vero 4k is as I understand the device made by OSMC team, so they have full controll of the hardware. If so there is no problem adding even a small ATiny MCU to the board to do the job of reseting the board. I’m talking about IR reciever, because this is the best way to actually safe power (listening for CEC events or other more complicated interfaces will probably consume more power making the standby mode … well … not a standby mode). BTW where are the hardware specifications of the vero 4k ? any schematic ? at least what the CPU model is used ?

The problem with adding additional hardware is that it increases the cost, and very few people want this option, so it makes it hard to justify such an expense.

Wake up via IR is possible, as is CEC. However the tricky part with IR is knowing which pulse (key press) to listen for. Making this configurable via userspace would be difficult, as we don’t ship an IR remote with the Vero 4K, we ship an RF one. As such, there’s no ‘known’ power button etc that we can easily detect. It’s not impossible however if users want a command line configurable option for it.

Wake up via CEC doesn’t consume any real additional power. You are just polling a register and the HDMI PHY probably uses 50mW.

All the details on the Vero 4K are at