Shutdown Vero 4K via Kodi Shutdown - but how to turn on?


Any info/updates about the standby/power off method on the new Vero 4K+?

How does the led works in the 4k+? I’ve read in the update, that now there is no blue led, but then you don’t see any leds when it’s on? I don’t know exactly how it works…


It was added some time ago. The LED will turn red if the device is suspended

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And you can turn it on again from suspended mode? With IR, USB?



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I update the Vero 4K+ yesterday and its shuts down on its own after the upgrade !!! In order for the Vero to work I have to remove the power supply and it works again.

The Vero shouldn’t be shutting down of its own accord. CEC can sometimes do this however. If it happens again please start a new post

I also would really like to be able to power down/sleep/wake using the remote. That seems to be a quite minimalist requirement implemented by every other piece of electronics.

Go to Power -> Suspend and you can wake the device back up with a remote press.
This functionality has been available for about a year now.

Thanks for youre reply, but Power -> Suspend does not work for me. The screen turns black, but reappears after 2 seconds

A fix is being sought

This will likely be fixed with some remote improvements that we have planned


The idea that low-power consumption justifies why the Vero doesn’t need shutdown is pretty short-sighted. Turning it off avoids wear from otherwise constant heat, powers down inactive peripherals or USB devices, and reduces the likelihood of data corruption when experiencing a power outage or short cycling. 24/7 runtime is engineered obsolescence; no consumer wants that.

I bought the Vero 4K+ to replace/upgrade my Raspberry Pi 2. Yes, the RasPi’s startup/shutdown operated the same way, but an IR power module from MSLDigital was available to circumvent that limitation. It would be great to see the Vero updated with IR power functions, as (1) it’s common on almost every remote-controlled electronic device, and (2) an IR sensor is integrated in the Vero.

The SoC is designed with an AO (always-on) power module.

You can turn the device off at the plug if you wish. Anything else would still effectively be a standby mode.

Unfortunately, standby doesn’t power down the USB devices, and you still have to properly shutdown the Vero before unplugging power.

That’s because we need to keep power to the RF receiver.

You can do IR based wake up but the wake up code would have to be hard coded in the bootloader.


I see. Then I’ll have to settle for reminding/teaching users to shutdown the Vero when not in use, as well as buy a 5mm barrel power switch adapter to not wear out the plugs when starting up.

For anyone keeping up, there are cheap 5V IR relay circuits available to put in-line with the power cord (allowing power to be cut off or restarted). But unless you’re comfortable with basic electronics, have a smart IR remote like Harmony, and are familiar with mapping IR keys in OSMC & staging/delaying the IR commands in your remote, it may be more trouble than it’s worth. I’ll see how the whole teaching-users (aka my family) thing goes…

The reason I switch mine off at the wall most times is that, in Suspend Mode, the attached USB stays powered on. Can the Suspend mode be configured to remove power to the USB ports and repower when the unit comes out of Suspend? I don’t mean by an individual typing in commands. I mean that the function is included in one of the Vero 4K updates.

No good idea, because to wake it up, you need the remote, which is connted to the USB port.

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Darn it…silly me :slight_smile: Missed that entirely.

In case replies or votes for this count at all, I’d like to add my +1 to this for the same reason mentioned above.
I have multiple hdd enclosures that are synced to power via USB hub so that when the main device (Vero 4k) is turned off, the hdds spindown and wait for a connection to spin up again.
Would love to be able to power on the Vero via remote instead of unplugging and plugging back in.
How about a physical on/off button the Vero as a compromise?

Anyways, thanks for reading :slight_smile: